Warderick B&W-3Journal – June 6th Warderick Wells

“I have a Benadryl hangover. We are sitting on a mooring ball and being rocked vigorously from side to side. Louise cannot seem to sit comfortably, and neither can I. The rock makes most tasks unmanageable. I want nothing more than to make coffee, but it’s too rough. Not gonna happen. I have resorted to a fruity carbonated energy drink, and am still struggling to awake.

Tara left for Staniel Cay. Nick and Hil (aboard Tara) discovered two of his engine mounts completely cracked. They are headed for resources, and in search of the right parts to be flown in. Katie and I plan to move to a mooring field on the north side of the island, where  hopefully this rocking will subside. Then I can make my coffee.”  Warderick B&W-4

June 9th.

“To get to the north mooring field, it was 6 miles around a shallow bank with rolling seas. I was proud of Louise for handling it so well, not so proud of myself, I just wanted to get there. It already feels weird to be separated from Tara. Although we have not been traveling with them for long, the relationship we have all formed seems far deeper compared to it’s time frame.

Our days spent here at Warderick have been better than average. Slow. Quiet. Relaxed. Bored at moments. Completely entertained at others. One night we met a family who decided to take us in, and feed us a real meal. Air conditioning, ice, a toilet with a button to flush… little did they know how luxurious these things were to us. On the table in front of us sat ice cold vodka lemonades, fresh Mahi sashimi, blackened Mahi salad, followed by warm banana’s foster. We ate until we could no longer stand. We could barely speak. But once we could breath again, we ate spoonfuls of ice cream and peanut butter. This family was absolutely hilarious. We hadn’t laughed that hard, been that spoiled, or eaten such a spectacular meal in a long while. Especially after living off of nothing but canned food, and nothing to drink but warm water.

The next morning I dug up my tennis shoes, put on my i-pod and ran like hell along a trail that took me far south along the east side of the island where the Atlantic ocean is exposed. There were hills. It was rocky. Music kept me going. The wind made me work in one direction, but helped me in the other. Scenery was comparable to the California coast. Not a human in sight. Grateful – is soon becoming the word to sum up this journey.”

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