pigs and bombs-2 The pilots, Mark and Darren, rented a skiff for a day. There is an island just north of Staniel Cay called “Big Majors” where we took the skiff for an adventure. On this island, wild pigs roam. Not just any kind of wild pig, the kind you would find in a horror movie. Tourists come every day to feed them. Brave soldiers. I on the other hand, ran in the opposite direction. All of us girls did at least, Katie, Hil, and I. The only one who didn’t seem to have a care in the world about their presence, was Reggie. Reg just sat in the skiff curiously observing the peculiar creatures, happy to be the attractive one with four legs.

We fed them a loaf of semi stale bread. They trotted in our paths, and came right up to us (or to the bread) with no resistance. I continued to move in their opposite direction. I swore one of them was trying to eat my thigh. Which it could have in one bite. If I were to have any interaction with one, I would have hopped on his back and tried to ride it. But I didn’t. The beasts even swim out to some of the tourist boats before they even get to shore, knowing that it is time to feast. It was an interesting experience. Hilarious actually. Pigs are not cute.pigs and bombs-3 pigs and bombs-4 pigs and bombs-5 pigs and bombs-6 pigs and bombs-7 pigs and bombs-8 pigs and bombs-9 pigs and bombs-10 pigs and bombs-11 pigs and bombs-12 pigs and bombs-13 pigs and bombs-14 pigs and bombs-15 pigs and bombs-16 pigs and bombs

6 thoughts on “Gross.

  1. I am enjoying your website very much! Looks like such a great adventure! My Aunt Veronica “Ronnie” met you at Harbor Point Yacht Club in West Alton, MO on the Mississippi River, an you have inspired us to begin planning an adventure of our own!

  2. We anchored just off of pig beach. One swam out to the boat and we were worried it would try to climb aboard. Glad to see you enjoyed the grotto. We are jealous of your fly over. Enjoy your trip down the Exumas. There is a storm acomin so find a good place to hide from the wind. Enjoy living the dream.


  3. Wow, we were just there a couple days before you! Loving your blog. Wish I had done something like this in my 20’s.

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