“Pilots left. Our easy way out, quick way home… no longer an option. Not that it ever was in the first place. No more plane rides. No more cute yellow cottage at the yacht club. No more showers. No more conch fritters. No longer could I keep up with all the eating and drinking, but we could not be more thankful for they way they treated the four of us. Generosity beyond explanation.

The last night Mark and Darren stayed on the Island, was hot, sticky, stagnant, not a breeze to be felt.  When they offered us a bed at the cottage with air conditioning, there was no discussion. Louise had been good and stuck for nearly a week, we were not worried about leaving her unattended overnight. We slept like babies in the ice cold room, under clean white sheets. What a treat.

At 8am, Nick and Hil came hurling through the sliding glass door. My eyes not yet open, and my brain not yet functioning. Bet you can guess what happened. Louise dragged her anchor. When Nick and Hil woke up, they saw that Louise had decided to relocate herself last night. Bad girl. The stale, calm night we fell asleep to, turned into high velocity winds coming out of a non-predicted direction. Of course. The one night…the first night, we had ever left Louise alone at anchor, she drags. She dragged and dragged until she ran herself aground and could travel no further. Thank god, the direction she drifted was the best possible. Any other direction she would have encountered hazardous rocks, anchored boats, or the yacht club. All of which would have been far more damaging.

With the help of a nearby tender who witnessed the incident, Nick and Hil boarded Louise, found the key, turned her on, got her unstuck, and re-anchored her all before coming to land to wake us, before we were ever aware of the situation. Now those are some good friends. Thank you Nick and Hillary. Another classic mistake made. Another Lesson learned. Silly girls. Later I swam around the bottom to make sure there was no damage, no cracks, rudder still intact. Louise is a tank. Good girl.

Since the eventful morning, the rest of the day has been slow. Feeling tired, and lazy from three days of what felt like spring break. I laid around, and eventually gathered enough energy to do some stuff around the boat. Our tiller is cracked (we are now on our back-up tiller because the first one cracked back in Florida.) Our stanchion ripped off on my side of the boat (starboard side) after a tender the size of Louise pulled up to her side, bumping the stanchion in its weak spot. We now have a missing stanchion, sagging lifelines, a large hole in our deck, and a tiller that is going to crack in half at any moment. Oh, and our batteries are dead. Guess we have been here longer than I realized… and it doesn’t look like we are leaving any time soon.

3 thoughts on “Bad Girl.

  1. See if you can get some epoxy in the tiller break. Then take some sail twine or 1/8″ rope and lash the pieces tight with a series of half hitches. I’ve seen those laminated tillers crack and I’ve seen them last a long time afterward with some tight lashings holding them together.

    And don’t feel bad. You’re not the only sailors to have had their vessels escape. There was this one time when I was anchored…

    Take care,


  2. Another situation to deal with. If this had happened at the beginning of your adventure you would have gone wild. Now you just say , ho hum lets have a beer! Oh, the pics are just great, keep it coming. Jer

  3. Hi Louise

    It seems like when girls grow up they like to roam… even girl boats. We are very glad that Louise found a “soft” spot to go ashore. We have had the same experience and it sucks. However, no harm, no foul. Sail on you two (or three) intrepid souls.


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