Black Pointe-2 Louise almost seems to be as comfortable, if not more comfortable anchored here outside Staniel Cay Yacht Club as we are. This is the first place we have stayed put this long, by choice. For some reason, it feels like there’s no need to travel further south. Every day that goes by, we find new ways to entertain ourselves. The constant flow of boaters, good conversation, great snorkeling, cold drinks, and “civilization” have kept us from continuing.

Laundry. We needed to do laundry. It had been a month. Gross. Small spaces. Dirty clothes. Dirty Sheets. Running out of places to stash smelly items. We heard of an island south of here “Black Pointe” that has a state of the art, fully functioning laundromat. Yes. That is what we need. We tried to leave Staniel one morning to charge 6 miles south with high-hopes of clean laundry that night. When we hit the open water, and turned into the wind, waves were taller than me. Louise was pushing 1.5 knots, gusts strong enough to make us uncomfortable. No thank you. Not worth an extremely uncomfortable ride for clean laundry. This was the first time we ever turned around. For some reason, the decision was really easy. Back to Staniel, to our happy anchorage we should have never left.

The following day, a local and new friend on the island, Pursy, took us and our large sacks of laundry down to Black Pointe on his boat. A fast boat. Took us 15 minutes. We spent the day there… playing dominos, drinking beers,  and making more friends while waiting for our laundry. We loved Black Pointe. Pursy borrowed a golf cart, and gave us a tour of the whole island. Girls day. Nick stayed behind waiting for us to return, worried sick because we took much longer than we had planned.  Sorry Nick. Black Pointe-3 Black Pointe-4 Black Pointe-5 Black Pointe-6 Black Pointe-7 Black Pointe-8 Black Pointe-9 Black Pointe-10 Black Pointe-11 Black Pointe-12 Black Pointe-13 Black Pointe-14 Black Pointe-15 Black Pointe-16 Black Pointe-17 Black Pointe-18 Black Pointe-19 Black Pointe-20 Black Pointe-21 Black Pointe-22 Black Pointe-23 Black Pointe-24 Black Pointe-25

Black Pointe-30

Black Pointe-26 Black Pointe-27 Black Pointe-28 Black Pointe-29

Black Pointe-31

Black Pointe-32

Black Pointe-33

Black Pointe-34

Black Pointe-35

Black Pointe-36

Black Pointe-37

Black Pointe-38

Black Pointe-39

Black Pointe-40

Black Pointe-41

Black Pointe-42

Black Pointe-43

Black Pointe-44

Black Pointe-45

Black Pointe-46

Black Pointe-47

Black Pointe-48

Black Pointe-49

Black Pointe

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