Johnny Deppe-6

We made a short five mile hop from Compass Cay to Little Halls Pond – AKA Johnny Depp’s Island. Louise and Tara are anchored in-between a petite “private” beach, and sand banks that will soon show themselves as the tide continues to ebb. Behind me, around the southern most tip of the island, the current roars. White caps and confused waters rip like the damn Colorado river. I thought we were all done with the rivers. Apparently not.

The four of us will spend another day here due to exciting activities. At Cambridge Cay, a short dinghy ride away, lies an underwater aquarium. Yesterdays snorkel session far exceeded our expectations. No reason to leave. We must do it again. It looked like an underwater candy store. MadBob (our dinghy) and Mr. Wizard (our 2 hp outboard) have proved themselves worthy in strong currents with 4 people aboard. For some reason, Katie and I always doubt them, but they always pull through. Did I mention we are professional at running out of gas? Our red jerry can remains aboard MadBob, waiting for it’s moment to shine. This has become sort of a game for Katie and I. We are so good at calculating the life of our diesel without an operating fuel gauge, that running out of gasoline in the dinghy has become kind of fun. Probably because it always happens when it is most inconvenient.

The moon was so bright last night, it lit up the entire sky. It’s light reaching to the floor of the sea, so we could see what sleeps on the bottom. The full moon has brought the tides to their extreme highs and lows all week. It has forced us to time our travels very wisely. Katie has gotten very good at this. She decides when and where were going, and I get us there. Last night we sat in Tara’s cockpit, ate canned pineapple and drank tequila for dinner. These nights never seem to get old.

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Johnny Deppe-3 Johnny Deppe-4 Johnny Deppe-5 Johnny Deppe-7 Johnny Deppe-8 Johnny Deppe-9 Johnny Deppe-10 Johnny Deppe-11 Johnny Deppe-12 Johnny Deppe-13 Johnny Deppe-14 Johnny Deppe-15 Johnny Deppe-16 Johnny Deppe-17 Johnny Deppe-18 Johnny Deppe-19 Johnny Deppe-20 Johnny Deppe-21 Johnny Deppe-22 Johnny Deppe-23 Johnny Deppe-24 Johnny Deppe-25 Johnny Deppe-26 Johnny Deppe-27 Johnny Deppe-28 Johnny Deppe-29 Johnny Deppe-30 Johnny Deppe-31 Johnny Deppe-32 Johnny Deppe

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