driftwood1It’s been nearly a month that we have been exploring the Exumas. Already we have returned to the first anchorage we crossed over to from Nassau. Allans Cay, where all the iguanas are. This time, we are the only ones here. The whole anchorage to ourselves. Tara already left for Nassau. We are stalling behind them, avoiding saying goodbye to the Exumas. Tomorrow morning, we cross the “Yellow Bank” back to New Providence. Hoping this time around, will be better than the last.

It almost seems rude to leave these islands behind. Like we are supposed to leave them with something in return for the life long memories they have left us. I suppose we left several locals with faces to remember, a story to tell of two ridiculous chicks traveling on a whim…which is apparently rare?

Before Allans, we spent some time at Shroud Cay. We took Madbob (dinghy) through mangrove lined waterways that twisted and turned through the island. This allowed us to access the East side by going through versus all the way around. It all seemed very fake. The colors of the water and vegetation so bright it hurt my eyes. We looked Japanese as we tried to focus on what was ahead. Is this real life? We discovered “camp driftwood” which was listed as a must-see site in the guide books. Camp driftwood was camp waste-land. Piles of plastic. Kids toys. Shoes. Jerry cans. Nets. A hammock in some trees, and a swing. Disturbing actually. All things that had washed ashore, and became one big bundle of joy. We had fun anyways. Ran out of gas on the way home. Typical.

driftwood-2 driftwood-3 driftwood-4 driftwood-5 driftwood-6 driftwood-7 driftwood-9 driftwood-10 driftwood-11 driftwood-12 driftwood

6 thoughts on “Camp Driftwood

  1. Katie & Jessie,

    I am the woman on Ft Myers Beach that had the slip for rent while you guys were there but couldn’t rent because of the pets. SV Gypsy. I’ve been following you from time to time and just signed up for the updates. I also got my daughter (who thinks I’m nuts for having taken off, throwing all caution to the wind, and doing the route you did Ft Myers to Exumas. I had to come back and go back to work. Can I just say my heart is breaking for your returning. I so enjoyed the photos and writings. It was as if I were still there. The very minute I returned I began plotting and planning my next escape. Better planning this time to be able to stay away a year hopefully. Every day as I face the wall and computer screen plunking away at the keys I daydream about my escape. I work two jobs which leaves very little time for sailing. I just got home from a sunset sail (rare weekday sail) and have to get up and “face the wall” again soon. You better have one hell of a land based plan for an encore………….you will sorely miss your sailing adventures. Calm winds and fare seas. Kathy M

    1. Kathy! Great to hear from you. I completely understand what you are saying, and our plans to return are temporary. it’s been nearly a year that we have been traveling on Louise, and it is time for a break. BUT after hurrican season, we have plans to travel back to the Bahamas, and then head up the east coast and eventually return the boat to Michigan where we started. We just have to work again first : )
      I am happy to hear you loved your adventure, and are already planning the next. So are we. Its addicting. I have a feeling we will never stop. Ill contact you if we are ever back in FMB!

  2. More stunning photos! You need to consider getting this published as coffee table book.. Your collection of images can hold my attention for hours!

  3. Just want to say thanks for this great blog. Can’t even remember how I found it, likely daydreaming of travelling the world while at work :), but it’s been great following the journey!

  4. Haven’t had an update lately. Know the weather has been yucky in parts of the Bahamas. Hope all is well. Wishing you fair seas. Kathy J

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