There I was. Sitting in front of my mac. Scrolling through my Facebook photos like a teenager.  I took myself back in time.  I clicked the mouse 794 times. All alone I sat laughing, and smiling uncontrollably. Memories. Smiles grew larger after looking back at all the phases, people, places, adventures, and ridiculous times that have lead me to move forward, backward, and often in circles. I felt like I was viewing a life of someone else, not that of my own. It was fascinating. It was weird.

At one point I was damn near crying because of how beautiful this timeline in front of me was. Mad at Facebook for making me cry, thankful at the same time for it providing me with a place to document the last 10 years. Still not processing the fact that I am viewing my own life, I became intrigued enough to want to share it beyond the planet of Facebook. So I created a photo blog. I am very cynical about the life of a photographer, hence the reason I have not striven to become one. Yet. There are so many amazing photographers in this life. Why would anyone choose my photography versus his/hers? It is just part of my life. I don’t think about it. It’s love. So here it is. Have fun.

3 thoughts on “In California. Got inspired again.

  1. You girls are awesome in every way. You’re smart, strong willed, and probably understand the world of peace and harmony better than anyone I know. God bless you both.

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