Over a year ago, Katie Smith and I got stuck in a little town of Cedar Key, Florida because of the fog. By the fourth day we took all of our laundry and things to entertain us and rowed to shore in search of a laundry mat. Later we decided to go for a jog. Our jog turned into a walk. Our walk turned into A.D.D girl talk. Our girl talk enabled us to walk far enough to discover the most amazing tiki bar on the planet. No longer were we exercising, but we were now drinking delicious cocktails with a fella named Pat – who of course, come to find out is from Michigan.Pat Bonish and Cindy Bonish were curious about our story and had quite a story themselves. Not only did they feed us drinks all night, but even offered us a hotel room until the weather allowed us to leave Cedar Key. Desperate for showers, AC, a flushing toilet and a bed that didn’t smell like cat urine, I may have cried when they offered. A small favor too them, became one of the most memorable days on our first half of “America’s Great Loop”
They helped us possibly more than they realized, and I am certain they are the reason mother nature socked us in with fog for a week.

Katie and I are now back in Florida. Today we are driving to Cedar Key to catch up with Pat and Cindy and enjoy the lavish life they love and live at the Low-Key Hideaway. One day, maybe not soon… but one day, we will be able to pay forward these favors.

Slowly we are returning to Louise, with plans to leave Southern Florida in the spring to return her to The Great Lakes via the East Coasts intra-coastal Waterway. Good times and bad times are on the way. Everyone likes to read about two chicks trying to operate machinery right? And by machinery I mean a sailboat. 36592_10200957471849090_142031077_nHideaway_Tiki_Bar_Full_Moon   katieandjessieonaboat-5Sailing_FriendsSunset_Lightning_Lowkey_Hideaway

8 thoughts on “LOW-KEY HIDEAWAY

  1. Looking forward to following you two up the east coast. Best of luck and safe travels. Keith and Bobbie on Kim Jo IV

  2. Hi Katie & Jessie,
    I have a CAL34 in the great lakes that’s headed your way when the fitting out is complete. I enjoy reading your adventure, overcoming the trials and celebrating the good times. It’s insightful and fun to read. Thanks for the posts.

  3. You ladies are awesome. My wife and I are leaving in 2yrs from our home port of Muskegon and heading out into the unknown. My nephew has already been sailing the world for a couple years now. He is currently in Fort Lauderdale living on his boat and working. You should all get together and share stories. He is a wealth of knowledge on sailing and extremely good at Any kind of repair you may need help with. Send me a email and ill get his info to you.

  4. ICW? Lots of motoring and not a helluva lot of sailing as far as I know. But you can jump out and ride the Gulf Stream up… I suppose the ICW is photogenic though… Bugs in the summer?

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