5 thoughts on “DIY

  1. So glad to see you are back on the boat and completing the Loop. We’ll be watching for you when you reach the Great Lakes. Have a great time this winter and stay safe!

    Lynne and Ron Taylor
    Northern Spirit

  2. Hey Jess and Katie, Jill of Buffalo Bob told me today about seeing you at the trade show – such a small world after all. Still very much enjoying your tales of adventure, best of luck for your final push!  Jess, sorry we missed you at xmas – summer for sure, right?  Aunt Betsy

  3. Isn’t boating glamorous!! Welcome back aboard. When you get to the top of the Chesapeake remember that we live in sight of the C and D canal. Make sure to stop by for home cooking, soft beds and all kinds of repair help.

    The crew of “Copesetic Too”

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