unnamed 2(Photo by Pat Bonish)

As you know, it’s been nearly 6 months since Katie and I left Louise in shambles down here in Fort Lauderdale. Well, we are back. Transitioning from our temporary “normal” lives back to boat life over the past week has been…interesting to say the least. Once a day, we devise a new plan to essentially blow her up or sink her. I know this sounds harsh.  But, at this point, so much needs to be done to get her operating and functioning as a home again, that the destruction of Louise, sounds like a great way to end this story. The easy way out. Who wouldn’t want to be aboard their boat, sink it purposely while sipping rum, and call boat tow when you have to start swimming? The end.

The problem here, lies in our funds. Most of you know, but for those of you who do not, no ones paying for any of this besides Katie and I. Trust me, if we had fund-age, surely we would have AC and a refrigerator, and possibly a completely different boat (I’m sorry Louise I love you, I love you, I love you) This is the only reason we are taking two years to complete “America’s Great Loop” versus one. You see, the plan was to save enough money over the last 5 months to get back to Florida, fix Louise, and make it back to Michigan by this August. There is a reason we do not make plans… because they usually don’t work. So, what I am trying to say, is that there is no way in hell Katie and I can get everything fixed, and make it home with a few thousand dollars. Looks like we are going to have to work again somewhere before we head north, any suggestions? How about Savannah, GA? Or the Florida Keys? Eh? I am not one to ask for money either, but somewhere on this website is a donate button. Anything helps. We accept quarters. We might be desperate.

Now that I am almost done bitching, I must say that three days of scraping mold, bleaching every square inch, being upside down in engine compartments, scrubbing transmissions, and being wrist deep in oil leaks, has felt damn good. It’s been gross, it’s been great, we have both laughed and cried. Were wondering why we are back here, and more importantly wondering why we ever left.  We both left people we love (again), said our goodbyes, and see you laters (again), drove away from those small towns we never really wanted to leave in the first place (again), and were teased by the warm feeling of having a home, stability, and somewhat functioning relationships. So yeah, it’s been a challenge plopping our lives back into our broken, moldy boat. BUT, we will get her fixed, we will make money, and we will complete this trip we set out on a year and half ago. Now the bitching is done. I am excited to start moving again, and I am working on the patience it will require before we can do so.


I spent three weeks driving across the country. A lot of my time was spent picking the best gas station. Katie and I met in Orlando to work a Surf Expo for her father. We highly dislike Orlando, and everything that it contains. We love Pat and Cindy Bonish, Cedar Key, and trying to kill wild hogs. We spent hours with Pat and Cindy laughing about different “plumbing” situations, and peculiar scenarios we experienced aboard Louise regarding human waste. We zig zagged around the entire state of Florida for a week before arriving in Fort Lauderdale, postponing the dirty work that was ahead. On Katie’s 25th birthday, she knocked down an entire display of “Handheld massagers” AKA vibrators at Brookstone. Vibrators went flying everywhere, we both ran out of the store like little girls. I can’t tell you the last time I was in that much pain from laughing. Reggie took himself for a walk, and went missing for 3 hours because some woman who owns a rescue saw him wandering and took him home when he had no collar on. We made friends with a man named King Kong. We go to the grocery store when we are bored to read magazines. I am obsessed with breaking traffic laws in this state, and thoroughly enjoy u-turns and ignoring unnecessary stop signs. We no longer have any interior boat cushions, they literally disappeared while we were away. We had a pet puppy from the Bahamas for four days. We are living off of rotisserie chickens from Publix. Annnnnd, I think that covers the important stuff. Stay tuned.

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14 thoughts on “In between then and now

  1. Awesome pics!

    And, very deep thoughts.

    Here is an option. Make you way around to St Petersburg. The city marina downtown is inexpensive and allows liveaboards. UCF has a campus there so the city is not just old people. There is a huge sailing community. Work can be found within walking distance. There are tons of restaurants and bars many of which are seeking help. St Pete is the safest place (along with Jacksonville) to spend a hurricane season in FL. Build the kitty. Then, you are nicely positioned for the next leg of the adventure. Key West offers the same except you can live on the hook and save money. But, Key West is not a great place to be in a hurricane. And, it’s damn hot in the summer – my 2 cents.

    Whatever you decide to do ~ can’t wait to read about it. Good luck.

    Sorry to hear you cushions went walkabout. That sucks.

    Mark and CIndy
    s/v Cream Puff

    1. We have had some similar ideas but we can’t do anything till we can motor out of here! :/ We are trying to take the cushions gone missing as more of a joke than another thing to complain about because at least it wasn’t our bed cushions! 😉

  2. Kickstarter or just good ol Paypal I think would help out your adventure. I don’t think you would find it hard to find donors. Maybe add to your blogging FB (more exposure)? I think I found you gals on some explorers portal (cant remember). Your adventure is fun to follow and the envy of many.

  3. I love the photo where you and Cindy are running for your ice cream that the bird was about to eat, and Katie is looking like “OMG, I’ve never seen a bird eat ice cream before!”

    I miss you girls, when can we come visit and help you work on the boat?

  4. I enjoy reading the blog. I left you a couple rolls of quarters. You might want to add a store to the site:
    -Sell some Louise crew t-shirts
    -Book of your photos or prints. Your pics are awesome!
    -Offer to write people’s name in the sand and post Instagram or sponsors section on your site.


  5. Here are some tips if you decide to sell tee shirts. Sell them for what people will pay, not what YOU’D pay. I’ve been doing tee shirt sales for years and the biggest mistake people make is selling them too cheaply. Folks will NEVER sell ALL their shirts. There’s always sizes left in any given design. I try to cover my costs with a third of the shirts sold and put them on sale after 3 months. You should expect to pay 5 to 6 bucks for a two color (printed not shirt) in limited quantities. Sell them for $15. Next come up with two or three designs before you ever do any. For the first run order 42 shirts and expect to sell them all out and folks wanting more. Don’t succumb to pressure. Instead order 84 shirts next. (Hint: Use your best design for the second run) Finally, sizing is one of the most important factors in selling all your shirts. Printers will tell you to print in 2-4-4-2 sizing. (Med-Lrg-XL-XXL) After the first 5 years of doing this I came up with this mix: 1-2-4-4-2-1. (Sml-Med-Lrg-XL-XXL). Do all the above and you should have a sizable kitty in no time!

  6. having met Katie at the La De Da in Lee Vinning, I am enjoying your adeventure. The photos show your real talent. cant wait to read the next chapter.

    Russ and Lady T

  7. This is season down here for restaurants, all the snowbirds are in so it shouldn’t be too hard to find work especially since you have experience. I’ve seen a couple signs along US1 in Pompano. Glad you guys liked Jaxson’s and hope you can get going again soon!

  8. Ladies,
    Your photos are world class and would make a fabulous coffee table book. You really should send them to a publisher and make money and share these gorgeous photos with more of the world than this little corner of the internet.
    If you don’t do anything with these photos I will be very disappointed and send you some coin when the next big check arrives. But really SELL those photos!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just do it!

  9. Publix rotisserie…mmmm…Great photos as always! I’d agree with the previous comments that you should make a coffee table book and sell tee shirts through cafe press or something. You have a unique story and good viewpoint being a couple of young gals as opposed to the “typical” husband/wife retiree cruiser set. I bet you could get published in a sailing or travel mag too: Cruising World, Sail, or Cruising Outpost for starters…

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