Katie and I decided to drive to the keys, in search of marinas, docks, and jobs. We slept in my truck in a hotel parking lot. At 7am a man asked us to leave. We were punished for not drinking and driving? That man better get his priorities straight.

Anyone have a dock that we can pay to live at in key west? Or any of those other keys on the chain?

15 thoughts on “Oops we drove to the Keys

  1. Good thinking Ladies. Head for the warm sun and don’t drink an drive. Proud of your good judgement and shame on the crabby innkeeper. You could stay at my dock but it’s frozen over. Love your posts. Enjoy.

  2. Most people in Key West anchor out for free. Then you can pay a couple hundred bucks a month to use a dinghy dock with laundry/showers. Technically, you aren’t supposed to be able to live aboard at someone’s dock in the Keys. If you need any info on the upper Keys (Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon), email me. I live and boat in Key Largo.

  3. Gurrrls, I am in Key West Feb 5-9 at Lazy Dog SUP training. Very cool stuff happening at LD that weekend. You’re welcome to throw your sleeping bags on my floor? It is pet friendly too, I will most likely have my dog too. It’s called Banana Bay Resort. Here is my number 517-304-1504 if you are still hanging around. Cathy Pegg-Owens

  4. Get Louise, that’s her name right?- down there and put her on the hook and don’t pay a couple hundred to use a bathroom. Sunshower with rainwater. Get yourselves a dingy dinghy, if you don’t have one already and just row row row yer boat ashore to get all them drunken old Key West bearded sailors to treat ya to all the rum ya can drink at the bars. That is one nice oops to drive down to Key West, especially while mst of us are still freezin’ our *******s off up northern way. . You should have a blast as long as you can steer clear of the antisocial type that kicked you outta thst parking lot. Shame on him. Shoulda invited you girls in.

  5. Try Stock Island just over the bridge from Key West. Much cheaper than KW. Lots of jobs downtown. There is a very good restaurant called the HogfIsh at a funky old marina. Just ask at the bar and they will fill you in. Same for the Hurricane Hole bar where the charter boats dock. There are also lots of places to anchor around Stock. The anchorages downtown are pretty open for a boa the size of Louise.

  6. Hey….know a girl from Indy that moved to Denver then found a guy here who always wanted to be a sailor so they moved to Key West…I’ll see whats up;)

  7. Hey girls glad to see you back in action. Found your thread this winter and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. Gives us slaves to society something to dream about.

      1. Doug is making reference to stock island marina in key west. I follow both your blogs and enjoy reading the amazing stories and the extrodinary photos. Safe travels!

      2. Hi we have been following you and Mike/Rosie/ Holy for over a year they are moored at Stock Island Marina. We need to follow you to get are shot of sunshine and warm weather Edmonton is frozen solid for 6 or 7 months a year. Looking to move up from a 280 dancer to a 44.

  8. Just served you tonight at the Square Grouper! You two are my Heroes! I wish that I had the balls to do what you are doing! I need to hook you up with my friend Ben Harris, he is from Bozeman Mt but lives here now, he has that wanderlust! You might find him at Kiki’s Sandbar or the Wharf on Summerland. Good luck and if I here of some jobs I will post it on this site.

  9. You guys should go to Robbies marina on Stock Island. I keep my boat there. Cheapest marina on the island and they are all old school conchs. Very cool people, cheap, and they let you live and work on your boat. I pay 450 a month for a 32 footer.

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