Hallelujah. Thank you baby Jesus for our life changing part has arrived. Spent three hours with the owner of Gillen Diesel this morning connecting our new shiny thing. Bye bye old rusty thing.

For a moment, and by a moment I mean 15 really long moments, water came pouring into the boat while Dave ran to repack the stuffing for the stuffing box. We were sinking. It was kind of fun… And turns out our manual bilge pump sucks. The rest of our time was spent in really awkward positions turning wrenches, moving the engine around to get the new shiny thing mounted.

Success my friends. Success. A few finishing touches need to be done before we back outa this joint, but I can not complain. Happy. Extremely sweaty, and dirty. But happy.

Yesterday Katie and I took a 2 mile walk to the beach. When we walked back after sunset, we got attacked by noseums. There are some things on this planet that lack purpose – noseums take the lead. We both started running and smacking ourselves insanely. I’m sure it looked as if we needed to be tranquilized and put down. Today it looks like we are covered in hives mixed with acne. We look great.

11 thoughts on “Hallelujah

  1. Ladies, Since it appears that you are nearing a departure north, I want to make sure you know about “The Canyons”. Much of the ICW from Ft Lauderdale towards the southern end of Lake Worth is narrow and has sea walls on both sides with condos on both sides. I strongly suggest that you make this part of the trip during the work week. On weekends it is like being in a top loading wash machine and is not fun. The big fast guys will be roaring by you on both sides going as fast as they can you will be tossed around like crazy and could be damaged or hurt. Obviously if you go outside it’s a non issue. I just don’t want you to be surprised by it. Don’t forget, If you need help around Stuart, give us a shout. Good Luck with the new shiny thingy.

    1. Hello! Yes this we are aware of… last spring we came out up by lake worth after crossing the Okechobee, and in fact… i think we did travel this part during the weekend. It was interesting ha! Thanks guys.

  2. How did you attach the new coupling? Wasn’t the shaft short after being cut to get the old one off? How is the coupling connected to the shaft? Just curious. I love Key West. One day soon, I hope to be there again…

    1. We had to unmounnt the engine, then pry/block it a 6 inches up to fit the new coupling on. Then we dropped it back down with juussst enough room to spare to fit in the rest of the prop shaft. Fortunately, when we cut the shaft, we also had just enough extra shaft to connect it to the new shiny thing!

  3. Woops! Wrong direction. I also remembered that you have already been through the canyons on your way south, Being old and forgetful has it’s disadvantages but I can’t remember what they are. Have fun in the Keys. If you’re anchored around Islamorada, dinghy in to Loreli’s on the beach (It’s and outdoor bar and restaurant with no walls and good live music ) and treat yourselves to a Shrimp Caeser salad that won’t break the bank. Best sunset dinner in the Keys IMHO.

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