Goodmorning. Happy Sunday. I would like to begin by saying that the title of this blog post makes absolutely no sense. It is an inside joke. Don’t worry about it.

You know what is neat? We have some really neat friends. So neat that when I send a text at 11am to Pat and Cindy Bonish, saying that they should meet us in Key West if they were feeling wild – that they respond thirty minutes later with “Just got plane tickets, be there Monday morning” I mean come on, how neat is that? P.S. I hate the word “neat”.

Our estimated 24 hour Keys trip, turned into nearly 5 days. After the first 48 hours, the two pairs of underwear we packed turned into one of two options… bikini bottoms or commando. I must say, this is the kind of freedom I live for. Not the going commando kind of freedom, but the kind where I can hop in my truck at any given moment, and drive to wherever the hell I want to go that day…and when I am good and buzzed up at the end of all the spontanaity, there happens to be a bed in the back of my truck. Wam bam thank you mam and goodnight.

At least once a day I wish I didn’t lead such a gypsy lifestyle, but in return, at least once day I am reminded of why I do. This Keys trip, was a quintessentail piece of our wild emotional puzzle. It was Majestic. And once we back out of this here dock in Lauderdale, to Key West we will sail…or motor…. or maybe both. At the same time. Commando.

Thank you Pat and Cindy (please check out Pat’s amazing photos from this trip)… Thank you Don and Maryanne… Thank you Rob and Shane of Mellow Ventures. And if you like my pictures as well, please view more at See Y’all soon. Over and out.

SIDENOTES: This morning, I was eating handfuls of cereal while boiling water for my french press. After handful number 7, I felt a slight tickle on my hand and wrist. I look down to discover my skin smothered in tiny red ants. I look inside the cereal box, to see hundreds of tiny red ants. Hmmm… how many have I eaten? I took a huge gulp of juice, and said “Nice knowing ya bitches” This was not majestic by any means. In fact it’s been hours and I am still very disturbed. I just pray that they contain some kind of nutrients.

Majestic_Majestic_-2Majestic_-4Majestic_-5Majestic_-6Majestic_-7Majestic_-8Majestic_-9Majestic_-10Majestic_-11Majestic_-12Majestic_-13Majestic_-14Majestic_-15Majestic_-16Majestic_-17Majestic_-18Majestic_-19Majestic_-20Majestic_-21Majestic_-22Majestic_-23Majestic_-24Majestic_-25Majestic_-26Majestic_-27Majestic_-28Majestic_-29Here you go Pat…Majestic_-30Majestic_-31Majestic_-32Majestic_-33Majestic_-34Majestic_-35Majestic_-36Majestic_-37Majestic_-38Majestic_-39Majestic_-40Majestic_-41Majestic_-42Majestic_-44Majestic_-45Majestic_-46Majestic_-47

3 thoughts on “Quintessentially Majestic

  1. Ants in the mouth, that happened to me once, only it was Graham crackers instead of cereal. Since then, I’ve always gagged at the thought. I’ve never considered the nutritional aspect: I suppose its a question of whether the mouth is half full or half empty.

    Sleeping in the truck. Looks like fun. I love camping. What to you do if it rains? Maybe a tarp over the bed with a few (four or six) rubber cord thingys and hook thingys to hold it in place. If you did it right, you could still have access to the cab via the rear window.

    I bet Louise will seem like a cavern compared to sleeping in the truck. Since owning a boat, I’ve come to the conclusion that people who like camping will LOVE boating because even a small boat has lots more room than a tent or truck. Plus you get a nice kitchen, bathroom, and comfortable (sort of) beds.

    Sorry if I missed it, but what are you going to do with the truck when you continue the counter-clockwise adventure?


    1. hahah yes things get a little wet in the back of the truck if it rains, we just hope that it isn’t going to. But we have a good system down in preparation at this point. We will leave my truck at a family friends house in Fort Lauderdale, and sail down to Key West. At some point.. hopefully hitch a ride back up to Lauderdale and pick it up… if not… then the truck will sit and wait for me to return : )

  2. Tried to resist the comment – but I have to say pretty cute toes in the self photo on the paddleboard … I’m impressed, just needed an island drink between them to be a perfext screen background… You girls rock!

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