So I have to admit we have been joking about sinking Louise, to go back to our comfortable lives on land, without humidity, bugs & mold. Yesterday it actually started happening, during the fixing of the engine process… And having our home sinking beneath our feet, well… it’s not as cool as it once sounded… Point is I realized that I don’t want to sink my boat, & I’m sorry for ever thinking it my dear Louisa…

What’s even better is that our engine is finally fixed & we’re gonna get out of this hole real soon!


10 thoughts on “Rethinking our plan to sink her.

  1. Hahah ahhh. So not funny/funny at the same time. Just keep in mind how lucky you girls are not to have to be stuck at a desk (land locked mind you) 5 days a week. I’d rather sink a boat…at least then you’re kind of creating a sunken legacy. hahah : ) Luck to you guys!!

  2. Whoa … lucky you guys were around to catch the shaft leak! Whoever changed out the prop shaft coupling should have first re-packed the seal. Any time the shaft is moved forward or back (or when engine mounts are adjusted) expect water to pour into the bilge.
    Looking forward to see you guys underway again!

  3. Ladies,
    WOW just effin WOW.. You completely out do yourselves in the photography department. I am blown away. Your “selfie” snap shots are world class, your land and sea scapes are breath taking, your genre shots are amazing… and your shots of Reggie and cats are completely endearing. I love love love this blog and of course that your are sailors and venturing into this with such courage and care is really cool. What an amazing example you are setting. I realize this note sounds like gushing praise. It is!!!!!!!!!!! Your blog is one of my all time favorite places on the entire www!!!!!!!!!!!!! You simply MUST do a book or web page of your photos!
    Please stay as you are, be careful and of course fair winds and following seas!

  4. That is some very shinny water down there – looks like it might have (just maybe) had a little oil in it? Well it’s cleaned out now, just don’t get caught!!!!

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