Oh gosh. I’m 25 today. Twenty Five, eh? Twenty five. Twenty Five. Hmmm… go ahead and start tallying how many times I say “25”, cause it’s gonna be a lot.  Am I where I thought I would be at 25? Did I ever even have an idea? No. All I do know is that I only have health insurance for one more year now, giving me 365 more days to climb trees, try back flips, and be a ninja.

When I was in middle school, high school, and throughout the rest of my education, turning 25 sounded old… like really old. Like husband and kids old. Never once have I made it a priority to follow in the footsteps of my peers. If I learned anything from anyone, it’s all of the times I’ve heard “Do it while your young” and “I wish I did that when I was your age” from the old folks.  Funny thing is, these lines are so common, most of us don’t take such simple statements and turn them into justifications to do whatever the hell we want while we can. I have always taken this advice into consideration, and have made sure not to forget it.  These humans who are double, and triple my age, they are not just messing with me – they are serious!!! These sentences are recurring for a reason you see? These sentences are possibly the reason my life post high-school has been…a little out there. I blame it on my elders.

Twenty five has snuck up on me fast, as it does with everyone I’m sure. Twenty five, with no husband, babies, home, money, or career in sight. I have spent most of my time making sure to “get it done while I’m young”, and avoiding the day where you will ever hear me say “I wish I did that when I was your age.”  So am I a little behind? Yup. Am I worried about it? Nope. Would I have done anything differently? Absolutely not. Is my sister on my ass about starting a 401K? Yup. Didn’t know what that was until…not that long ago. Is my mother concerned about what my resume is going to look like after two years of traveling on a sailboat? To say the least. Is my father worried his little girl will be pirated out in the ocean, or be swept out to sea by a hurricane? No. The only thing he is worried about is that when I DO return to Michigan, I will be monitoring his candy and nicotine intake. Do my friends think I am crazy, and have something seriously wrong with me? Probably. Can anyone keep up any longer? Not that I know of. Am I getting tired? Yeah.

My brain feels old. The fine lines in my face are deepening. And if you ask Katie, I have a loss of short term memory, and am hard of hearing. I make up names for people, because in my head that is the name that I heard come out of their mouth.  I can sit for extensive amounts of time in the cockpit doing absolutely nothing. I ask a lot of questions, mostly to myself. Probably because I don’t know a lot of answers. How I spend my time is usually like that of an old woman. How I braid my hair is that of a little girl. I live for a good conversation, but only when I’m in the mood. I still wear my retainer. Don’t ask me where I will be in 5 years. I don’t know. But I’ll be thirty.

I have stopped categorizing my goals with a particular age. Where I think I will be and who I think I will become, is so often being re-routed by people I meet and places I go. It is unpredictable. I am unpredictable. So sounds like there will be no sitting still until I figure out what it is I am meant to do with the short time I have remaining on planet earth. Good talk. Cheers to a quarter of a century.

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These photos are from a family sailing trip in Canada 10 years ago. Thought they would it would be suiting for a birthday post… since Birthdays are days to reminisce and be thankful for our lives n’ thangs. I am thankful my parents put me a sailboat, and let me run wild with Katie Smith naked in Canada with nothing but pink crocs on. Well, they didn’t know we were running around naked of course. We even pierced each others ears on the bow one afternoon while everyone was napping. I am forever sorry to my sister, after this trip. We never included her in our activities, and left her alone with mom and dad to read books. I’m sorry Alex, I love you.

19 thoughts on “Twenty Five

  1. Happy birthday! Don’t worry about your age. As long as you don’t hurt anyone and you are doing what you wany to do now, you are doing the right thing.

  2. Actually I think you are following your piers, and you probably don’t have many peers, which might turn out to be a good thing. Ha. Happy Birthday

  3. Jessie you are quite an amazing 25 year old gal, younger and much wiser than most gals your age. I love your blog! Your tales and trials are so amusing and fascinating and I get to go along with you for the ride. Have a fantastic birthday kidoo!
    Hugs, Robin

  4. Happy birthday Jessie!
    Your decision to live a life you are passionate about is an inspiration to many (especially myself). Thanks for staying true to you, and here’s to many more birthdays!

  5. Your ambitions, personality, writings, stories and experiences should look incredible on a resume!! Maybe a Journalist (traveling of course) would be in your future!! LIve Well, my friend!! Love you!! Happy Birthday Beautiful!!

  6. Happy Birthday, but don’t sweat the numbers. If you are being true to yourself and enjoying life, 25 is no different than 29, 35, 50 or even older. As to the lines on your face: Jimmy B says that “wrinkles only go where the smiles have been”. You gotta make room for more!


  7. congratulations, you’re officially half my age! All those things those old people (I’m not old myself of course) say about living while you’re young are true. Most people as they get older never regret failing at something they try, they only regret not trying something they realize later in life was something they really should have done. Best wishes to you and Kate, and stay safe, but not too safe!

  8. Happy birthday!

    Twenty five years old, now that’s something to talk about!

    I think I was twenty five once, but I’m not sure, it was a rather long time ago when it happened.

    Yup, do it while you’re young–great advice. My Uncle Lynn, bless his heart, once said, “When you loose your health, nothing else matters.” I didn’t think about that too much when I was young, but not I ponder it a quite a bit.

    You are an inspiration. Keep on blogging.


  9. Jesse, happy belated 25th. You know, you’re such a great natural writer. And interesting. Whoever said you should write a book is spot-on. I’m glad you guys are still out there enjoying yourselves and seeing what’s around the next bend. Too much to say for here. But know that we love and miss you. Peace. Jeff/whish

    1. Thank you Jeff. I miss our river rafting days, the pirate days, the days when we all smelled like shit. I really really really hope we cross paths via sailboats this summer up there… lets get Truant… have a reunion in Canada. Miss you both!!!

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