Interesting how easy it is to fall into some kind of routine. Whatever we are doing, wherever we are, routine always finds a way to sneak in. Typically, I am not one for “routine.” In fact I am pretty certain  I have lived my life on the opposite side of the spectrum… let’s go ahead and call it… unconventional. What I am finding, is that naturally, I am very routine.

Here in the Marina, if I did not make it clear in my recent posts… we are very comfortable. Happy. Pleased. More smiles than frowns. There is really nothing to complain about. But if there was something to complain about, it is how far we have to walk to go to the bathroom of course. I don’t really know where I am going with this story, except that when I was walking to the bathroom this morning, the thought of “routine” came to me. Yes, we all go to the little girl’s room or the little boy’s room regularly, and often the sign on the door doesn’t matter if you are desperate. At this marina, we have so many lovely neighbors and friends, that it can be challenging to make it all the way to the little girl’s room without getting yourself into 7 conversations before arriving. As sweet as it is that everyone is chipper and chatty, we have discovered that if you walk the sidewalk on the opposite side of the walkway, you are less likely to get stopped. So here we have created a system… walking the sidewalk near the boats says “I have time to chat” and walking the sidewalk on the opposite side says “Please don’t talk to me, I am secretly galloping to the toilet”

Lady like, I know. But there you have it, a new routine. That was all really random. I think there is more to this post than bathroom talk. Katie is gone all week, visiting her family in Fort Myers Beach. It’s just me and Reg. At first, I was really looking forward to a week alone. Katie and I have a lonnnnng way to go still, so any chance we get to do things on our own is healthy. Right? Well, it’s been a couple of days, and it’s so quiet around this house it’s creeping me out. I think I have said this before, and I will say it again… it’s typical that Katie and I don’t really talk much during the day, we just do our own thing. But by the time we are done with work, or just relaxing on the boat after dark, by routine we talk each other’s ear off. Sometimes I just listen, sometimes I talk, but whatever it may be, Katie’s voice is very much part of my day. This house ain’t the same without ya, Katie girl. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty bored.

This week I am conciously altering my routines. I am Reggie’s mother till Monday. That means, I have to think like Katie, which also means, I have to think like a dog. I have never tried to think like a dog before, this is a new concept for me. When I eat, that means Reggie should eat to. When I pee, he probably has to as well. When I am sweating… time to plug in that new AC unit. When I want a piece of chocolate, Reggie gets a lamb lung. I must admit, I am super awkward in dog parks. I feel like I am sitting at a playground with a bunch of mothers who are watching their children swing on monkey bars and fly down slides. Then I really had a brilliant idea, why don’t parents put leashes on their kids when they misbehave in the park too? Hahaha wish me luck with parenthood, my friends. But honestly, I am not a mother, and I have never been a dog owner, so to sit in a dog park with other “dog mommies and daddies” makes me slightly uncomfortable. Mostly, I want to just sit on the bench and watch the dogs, save myself from awkward dog talk. So If anyone asks, I just tell everybody that Reggie is a Dalmatian. Then they think I have something wrong with me – conversation done. This morning however, I sat on the bench and had an amazing conversation with my neighbor Chris. It was therapeutic. An hour went by and I was still sitting there. Thankful for a new friend. Thankful for the dog park.

On a different subject… I was originally thinking that the photos in this post, really have nothing to do with it’s content. Then I thought again. Being aboard a sailing/kayak/snorkel charter down here in Key West is something so new, so thrilling to everyone along for the ride aboard Danger Charters. For Katie and me, it all felt like standard procedure. Between finding the right place to sit, the right place to stow your loose belongings, how to get in the water with mask and fins, and how to mount a double kayak. All of these things, foreign to most, natural for us. We both had a moment, while on an eco kayak tour through the mangroves. We saw the excitement on everyone’s faces, the look in their eyes after seeing their first shark, the silent awe of the glassy water and setting sun. We realized that this life that is so normal to Katie and me, is a life unfamilar to most. It’s easy to forget, but we were quickly reminded by witnessing the thrill of those who are experiencing it for the first time.

Danger Charters did an excellent job. The crew was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend to anyone who wants to get out on the water in Key West..  hop on a Danger Charter for the day. Not only do you get to sail, snorkel, kayak, eat fresh fruit, and sip on wine, but you go home with new friends, and a new appreciation for this town’s history and ecology.

So here I sit. In the cockpit, with a french press at my side. The same spot that I sit every single morning.  Facing the same direction I always face. Peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwich for breakfast. Reggie laying at my feet, with his longing puppy eyes, awaiting a turkey dog. Patty Griffin sound track playing in the background. Large tarpon flopping around the marina behind me. Doing nothing but thinking and writing. My morning routine.

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2 thoughts on “Routine.

  1. Ahh, boat routines. Between wives (yes, I’ve had a few), it usually took me an hour to make it from the parking lot to the schooner. My girlfriend (at the time) called me “Mr. Friendly”, not sure if that was a compliment. At nice Marina’s I would usually earn about $100.00 making the “walk”. Anything from starting outboards to climbing mast’s to retrieve halyards. I learned over the years that if I docked at a “shithole” marina these minor annoyances vanished! The populace was either broke or fugitives of some sort. Hell, right now I’m typing this from my boat, jamming to Tool, drinking Rum and Ginger Ale, wondering where the hell everybody is! Of course, there are no bathrooms, or amenities, but the rent is $150.00 a month. Anyway, it clearly sucks to be you (NOT). Tell, Katie that I’m sorry I missed her birthday, but to be on the lookout for a gift Monday.

    Your Never Met Sailing Bud in Tampa,

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