Coast-61“I don’t know what they do in there, but I want to be friends with them” Katie curiously states.

“Oh yeah. Those Boys. I got a ride home from one of them on a motor-bike the other day. We should definitely be friends with them” I come back.

“You got on a bike with one of them? A total stranger? Smart, Jessie. Real smart.”

“Figured it was better than walking. His name is Turner. He is from Nashville. He lives in that thing back there that looks like an ice cream truck”

Stock Island, has a reputation for not being the nicest area…the shady island… where the bums reside in the park, the trash washes ashore only to be smelled but never picked up. No place to be walking around at night. Close to Key West, but not Key West. Affordable. Kind of. A place where you can’t distinguish the homeless from the rest. Everyone weathered, heavy creases in their faces when telling stories or laughing, ripped clothing, salty, dirty fingernailed, drunk, and probably a missing tooth. We pretty much fit right in.

Katie and I have been banned from walking to and from work around here, by our co-workers who insist it’s not the smartest idea. Usually I ignore these suggestions. Not very many people or places scare me. Call me naive. Thats fine. Little does anyone know I turn into purebred ninja when in a sticky situation. That is a totally different subject. BUT because we did both walk instead of drive for some time, we discovered something beautiful along the way. A place welcoming mellow folk, like minded personalities, artists, woodworkers, sailors, and dreamers. Right there across from the trailer park, Coast Projects‘ inhabited compound, where creativity is created.

Over the days we kept meeting these guys… one at at time… each one equally handsome as they are kind. Why yes, these should be our new friends. Eventually we were introduced to this hidden studio, and it’s projects. From boat building, to jewelry making, screen printing, welding, fiberglassing, skateboard painting, music making, this bearded and rugged group is really something else. Billy Kearins, founder and creative director of Coast Projects, was equally as enthusiastic about our sailing adventure, as we were about our new friends. He asked us if we would be interested in bartending for their upcoming event. YUP.

It was the most fun money we have ever made. Surrounded by live music, the scent of Jamaican jerk chicken, cute little kids running around in suspenders, friendly dogs and a bright blue parrot. Not to mention bread pudding to die for, and even more creative/out there people. Thank you Billy, for inviting us. Take the time to check out their website and current projects. Buy a shirt while your at it. These guys are cool.


If you live on a small Island, people talk. People talk everywhere, but tend to talk more when your stuck on a rock. Here are the current rumors; Katie and jessie on a boat is a lesbian pornography site. Katie is sleeping with our French Canadian neighbor. Since I’m the one without a boyfriend, I am secretly in love with Katie and am jealous. Our daddies bought our boat for us and are paying for us to be on this trip. Oh, and we don’t have any electronics aboard Louise and we navigated by the stars. Gotta love small towns. These people must really be bored.

On St. Patty’s day, we went to a bar called “Garden of Eden” where clothing is optional. I had not had nearly enough drinks to witness the body parts I did. Welcome to Key West, eh?

We set a date to leave this here rock. I am not going to tell you when that is, but its soon. Can’t get too comfortable. Plus, I don’t know how many more rumors we can handle.

Coast-37Coast-38Coast-39Coast-40Coast-41Coast-42Coast-43Coast-44Coast-45Coast-46Coast-47Coast-48Coast-49Coast-50Coast-51Coast-52Coast-53Coast-54Coast-55Coast-56Coast-57Coast-58Coast-59Coast-60 Coast-62Coast-63Coast-64Coast-65Coast-66Coast-67Coast-68Coast-69Coast-70 Coast-72Coast-73Coast-74Coast-75Coast-76Coast-77

6 thoughts on “Coast.

  1. So when you guys asked, “where should we go in the Keys?” is it any surprise that about 20 people, including me, said Stock Island? It defines you and you define it — beautiful, funky, crazy, good-hearted and broke.

    Which is your favorite bar — the Hog or the Hole?

  2. Great meeting u guys the other day. I was the girl that road her jetski from kw to va beach. The book I mentioned about my friend who did the loop on jetski is called The Dreamrider by Larry Harcum. Our vaca is winding down. We r currently sailing the hyundai up the 95 for next pit stop with mom & dad (currently 91 & 92 still playing golf 3 times a week) out side st augustine before heading home to northern OBX accessible only by boat or 4WD on the beach. Wonderful but not 4 faint of heart. R motto: If it were easy, everybody would live here! Good luck on the rest of yr adventure & if u ever stop in Coinjock on icw, give us a shout, we’ll teach u how to pick blue claws & drink cold beer off the dock!

  3. If you intend to see Mimii, give her a heads up. Let me know by phone or email if you have questions. You should enter Charleston harbor near slack water as the currents are very strong. Send a response if you get this. Sam Lane

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