In my world, the creation of a list usually happens when life is about to drastically change. Decisions to up and leave may be rash, but that doesn’t mean the list of things that must be done before leaving is. Since Katie and I have a habit of packing up and running whenever we please, the list has begun. Throughout this journey, we’ve refused to find ourselves too comfortable, in fear that we would never leave that zone of comfort. We have a long road ahead, it’s time to make moves. Goodbye to the comfort of a floating dock. Goodbye air conditioning. Goodbye fridge. Goodbye beautiful laundry facility. Good bye shower. Goodbye nights well slept. Goodbye to making money. Hello to the opposite of all those categories. Hello to dirty, scared, and broke. The decision to leave has been made. But the shopping list, and projects have just begun. Hence, THE LIST:

  • hose clamps
  • white electric tape
  • oil SAE 40
  • oil filters
  • type A tranny fluid (drain/replace transmission fluid)
  • fuel filters (change fuel filter)
  • new auxiliary cord (I would prefer to hear out of both of our speakers instead of one)
  • shop rags
  • exchange broken hose (it recently blew up in Katie’s face)
  • box fan (our fan is a hot mess)
  • 12 volt thing for cockpit (Replace. Current one got wet, fried, and melted)
  • impeller (check current/buy spare)
  • alternator belt (tighten, and buy spare)
  • distilled water (top off batteries)
  • tighten loose wires on batteries
  • lithium batteries (for our Spot locator… keep our families happy)
  • two 3/4” pieces of plywood (new outboard mount)
  • fix broom handle tiller extension (surprised it’s still exists)
  • tighten stays
  • re-attach solar anchor light
  • replace rubber bootie things where stays cross over spreaders.
  • finish scraping Louise’s belly!!!
  • replace zinc



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11 thoughts on “The List.

  1. if it will fit, put the old zinc on the propeller shaft inside the boat between the packing gland and the new shiny thingy. If the shaft becomes unattached from the new shiny thingy it cannot leave the boat. it happened to our boat once. saved the shaft and boat.

  2. Hi ladies!!! This is Eileen from Diversified Yacht Services in Fort Myers…If you are still in KW Easter weekend (April 18th) I can deliver some of the spare parts you might need for an exteremly discounted price. I you want, let me know what you need (with part numbers) and I will pull them from our parts room and bring them to you that weekend. We have zincs, impellers belts etc in stock, would love to help you out. Be fast and sail fast. Love to Reggie. Eileen

  3. Sending you two the best!! I love you Katie girl and will be sending all the good thoughts to you and Jess!

  4. The List, Milt Style: Water
    Toilet Paper
    lot’s of other stuff!
    I like to think of this as a modified Atkin’s Diet.

  5. Ralph and Beverly will be heading to Key West. I think you met up with them in the Bahamas. Remember inner is on us in St. Augustine. We leave on a March 28th and return April 3rd. Give us an email.

    Dot and John

  6. Where are you gals heading? Prolly don’t remember us but Dawn & I (Rick) were on “C” dock at Stock Island Marina on the catamaran “Independence.” We left February 26th for the Bahamas and just returned to Cape Coral, Florida a few days ago. Had a great time there and will return next November. Miss the Hog Fish Grill! Remember: “All who wander are not lost” Following seas and sail safe.

  7. That is not a list.. that is a quick note. You should see our list which needs writing on toilet paper it goes on for so long. Then we cross off the things we cannot afford and it gets down to something reasonable… Welcome to the liveaboard world of sailing.
    Fair winds

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