NEW!!! “LOUISE” T SHIRTS, by Marushka Hand Prints.  For those of you who have suggested that we have t-shirts… we finally got around to it, and thanks to all of those who encouraged the idea!

A Smith, family owned and operated screen printing company based out of Grand Haven Michigan, got hard to work hand printing each shirt. If you contribute $40.00 to Katie and Jessie on a Boat, you will receive this superb t-shirt!!! Who doesn’t need a shirt, with two chicks on their chest, and a boat on their back? Representing the art of cruising and simplicity, combined with hard work and gratitude. If you donate at least $40.00 to helping us complete America’s Great Loop, not only will you have a shirt to change your oil in, but you will be supporting the mission of two young women, working to prove a pretty simple point. The point being… don’t let fear get in the way of moving forward with your own dreams. Don’t let yourself get stuck. And if you do get stuck, I hope it is on the ground in the new boat you just took off on.

DSC_0764 DSC_0763Contributions or no contributions, we appreciate everyone who keeps up with our story . This week, Katie and I start moving north up the East Coast. We have a 4 month trip ahead of us as we travel back to the Great Lakes. What will happen in these 4 months… I do not know. The only thing predictable in the life of Katie and Jessie is that, no matter what, things are going to go wrong. Disaster amidst the wanderlust. Ye haw. THANK YOU EVERYONE. We are so grateful for the ongoing encouragement, enthusiasm, guidance, and support.

9 thoughts on “T SHIRTS !!!

  1. love you both…your posts have done a lot for me.
    just had dinner with jessies dad. what a sailing family you are
    … randy rocks it as well. I will buy a t. good idea. thanks ladies!

  2. Can I be the first to commit to buying two?
    Now I have a special request?? Can you personally deliver them? I have a house and dock on the Barnegat Bay (Toms River NJ ), and it would be great to meet both of you! I’m assuming you’ll be going thru the intercoastal at this point. Anyway, safe sailing!
    Bob G.

  3. Hey Ladies Nice shirts and ummm our address is 10516 W Beloit Pl Lakewood CO 80227.

    Hows the weather been, it looks like Florida is getting soaked,. Good Luck Tom & Debs

  4. no special deliveries…does reggie attack on command? i’d say no thanks to mr. netzero. just a mom’s opinion.

  5. Really enjoying following your journey. Will share with friends.
    Come see us when you get to Manasquan. Bill is a retired NY Harbor
    Pilot ( Sandy Hook) and will be glad to assist when you follow the
    Shipping channel around Sandy Hook through New York Harbor.

    Karin and Bill Metting

  6. Capt Doug here, Lake Michigan sailor. A few years ago I delivered a boat from Maine to Minnesota, since the mast will be down if you do the erie canal, I would strongly suggest going into Canada and the Trent-Severn canal system. Any stories or why not you can contact me at Cptdug@thepuffin.com BTW I met you guys at the cottage a few months ago. Good Luck on your adventure

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