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So thankful for working with the Chief Editor of Women’s Adventure, Jennifer Olson. Katie and I have been featured as this summers “Water Women” !!!!!!! “The third feature story, “Women of the Water” on page 52, profiles a couple groups of women who find peace and wisdom, personal freedom and collective strength, along their journeys—both long and short—by boat.”  And how ironic that the cover mentions “Mountain Men” whom we both once had…  and no longer have… because they stopped waiting for us.

I seriously can’t believe that we are considered the kind of women, who are representing what this magazine is all about. Women’s Adventure, is full of inspiring stories of strong women, who push limits, take risks, and find happiness in the great outdoors. I can’t even explain how excited I am, to be a part of it all. Please please please, check out their website, and of course subscribe  to read the rest of the article, and cover to cover issue.

“Women’s Adventure magazine inspires, informs, and compels women to live life fully through outdoor adventures and travel. The magazine equips women with the tools to experience the outdoors, master skills, try new sports, explore nature through travel, make educated gear purchases, and—ultimately—grow, benefit, and connect with the ever-expanding community of women thriving in the wild.”

It is a day like this, where I step back and look into my life as an outsider, when I realize that this wild journey Katie and I actually made happen, was the best decision either of us have ever made. I don’t want it to end. Thank you Women’s Adventure, for reminding us that we are, in fact, playing some sort of small role in inspiring other young women to be fearless, and free.

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7 thoughts on “Water Women // Mountain Men

  1. Congratulations on the article! I just want you to know that you inspire men too!! I can’t wait to be in a position to do the loop. Wishing you fair winds and a safe trip!

  2. Congratulations Katie and Jessie…I’m very proud of you both. You started your adventures together at an early age. Things like climbing on floating icebergs in shorts and or swimming to an island two miles off shore. The important lesson you’ve taught us… is to experience life! Thank you Love, Pops

  3. I hope Ocracoke will be on the route! I will never forget Randy and Jim walking up the beach on Hatteras Island in Frisco in 1976! Dylan Bennink is the dockmaster at the Anchorage Inn Marina. Our house is a few minute walk.

  4. Katie and Jessie, what a well deserved honor! You are both incredibly strong and courageous young women, individually. and what a team you make! Love, Aunt Betsy

  5. Ladies,
    I love this blog, your journey and approach to life… the photos are amazing… I am thrilled for you both. And I appreciate your journey through this amazing blog. This blog, journey and you two are so impressive, endearing, inspiring and informative… It’s one of the most interesting reads on the WWW. OK I love sailing and cruising and have done it and so I can identify a bit with your experience… but really this is way more impressive, and informative. You definitely deserve to be recognized for this amazing (ongoing achievement). You make not only your parents and friends proud… but every sailor who has either taken off or dreams of it. WOW just WOW.
    If you get as far as Long Island Sound… I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you two, Louise, Reggie and Patrick.
    But how and when do you decide to end this journey? What can or will you do next? I wrote the following poem on my own cruise many years ago


    I’m searching for an island
    It’s just right for me
    A place so special
    It’s just got to be

    Warm waters lapping
    Calm peaceful shores
    Quaint little villages
    And so very much more

    The island has mountain peaks
    With clouds about the top
    It rains each day an hour
    But then must simply stop

    The rains fill the ponds,
    Rivers and the lakes
    You only see sailboats
    Ne’er a power boat wake

    This island has meadows
    Grasses of delicious green
    Flowers abound in multitudes
    On the hills and by the streams

    Palm lined sandy beaches
    and rocky cliffs too
    Everything imaginable
    All surrounded by endless blue

    I’ll set down my anchor
    Watch the sun arise
    Each day will be different
    Hold some new surprise

    Locals folk have so much charm
    A society that seems fair
    A dollars still a dollar
    But no one seems to care

    I’ll befriend all the sailors
    Who come and drop their hook
    The good ones with flair
    Have also come to look

    I’ll forget the winter season
    The cold and freezing rains
    And not miss the deserts
    nor even the endless plains

    The great cities will be like
    far away like dreams
    Of crowds, noise and traffic
    In never ending streams

    Each island that I’ve sailed to
    Meets just part of my need
    I’m still searching and exploring
    Not missing a good lead

    But when to weigh anchor?
    And when to make way?
    I struggle with this question
    Each and every day

    The next island beckons
    And summons me “sail on”
    With promises of new delights
    To build a life upon

    Not always have I lived
    This searching life at sea
    Yet there is something about sailing
    That’s forever part of me


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