redneck yacht club-29

Stream of thoughts… I wrote down everything I remembered thinking about in a day of driving up the ICW. I wrote it, not really thinking anything of it. I read it out loud the next day, and couldn’t stop laughing.

I love caffeine

I have to pee

The sun is beating on my chest.

It hurts. Its only 8 am, why does the sun already hurt?

Why are we going so slow?

Why am I okay with going this slow?

That sounded weird… what was that?

Im hungry. Did Katie eat breakfast?

What should I eat for breakfast?

That was the best peanut butter, honey, banana sandwich I’ve ever had.

Im full.


More french press.

Is it okay that I have been wearing this shirt for 3 days?

Where are we?

No seriously, where are we?

Thats pretty. I love this song.


Ooo, stay cloud… stay right there.

I have to pee.

What am I doing here?

That was a cool boat.

That was an ugly boat.

Why didn’t those people wave back?

Thanks for the wake asshole.

Why did I just wave at those people?

Awe, they looked nice.

I think the sun might be the devil.

My eyes burn.


I wonder what is going to break today.

I don’t trust any of our rigging.

Oh well, we won’t die.

Unless the mast falls on one of our heads.

Or the boat blows up.

I think our head sail is going to rip in half.

I miss my truck, I love my truck.

Louise, don’t worry I love you too.


Wheres the sunscreen?

Over this song – next.

Whoa, my dreams last night were weird.

Like, really weird.

I wonder if _____ is thinking of me right now.

We have a long ways to go. Are we there yet?

What should I be when I grow up?

Oh, I am grown up.

I am possibly the most indecisive human on the planet.

Am I a good person?

What day is it?

Whats for lunch?

My house is falling apart.

Im sticky.

Wow, there is only 6 inches of water under the keel.

Thats pretty.

I could live right there.

I want a tree house.

What the hell was that?

I have the coolest friends in the world.

If I ever have children, they are going to be soooo weird.

Wait, if Katie ever has children, THEY will be so weird hah

How does our engine still run after all this time?

Is it time for a beer?

I have to pee.

I still don’t understand how we got here.

What does the inside of a transmission look like?

I might be the luckiest woman on the planet.

I don’t want this to end.

I am worried about functioning in the “ real world “

Wait a minute, this is the real world. Or mine, at least.

I do miss home.

I feel old.

My youth is vanishing.

Thats a new mole on my shoulder.

I don’t see a young girl when I look in the mirror.

I need a real job.

Wait, no I don’t. That was a stupid thought.

My brain hurts.

Should we turn around?

Katie, wanna go back to the Bahamas?

What is Reggie thinking?

Don’t forget to check the oil today.

We should tighten the alternator belt.

There is a lot of hair in my house.

I wish our temperature gauge worked.

I want to fly a helicopter.

Helicopters are so cool.

Hair grows faster in my right armpit than in my left.

Will someone please hand me a razor?


Reggie, stop breathing so loud.

Louise, I love you.

I should play the guitar more. I should draw more.

I should call my friends more.

Im sweating.


I need water.

Oops, theres a crab trap.

I wonder what my dad thought about all day on this journey?

How did he know I was perfectly capable of living like this?

Did you hear that?

What was that?

I want to write a book. I wonder if anyone would read it.

That was a silly thought. Way over my head.

Whoops, wrong side of the buoy.

Katie and I should run a bed and breakfast when we are done.

I should get my captains license.

The current is really strong.

Im over boating.

I love boating.

Thats a nice breeze.

Chocolate. Cocktail. Salad.

Nope. Warm juice. Can of mush.

I wish _____ would call me.

Which stay is going to snap first?

Am I going to be depressed when I get home?

Am I going to work in another restaurant?

I have to pee.

There is no where else I would rather be.

Money is stupid.

Why are people forced to live for a piece of paper.

Hmmm I could really use some of that paper.

I really like that cloud.

Looks thick enough to sit in.

Should we turn around?

But the Great Lakes… ahhh…. I love the Great Lakes.

Where the hell are we?

This can’t be South Carolina.

Was that an alligator?

Holy shiza, that was an alligator.

I love you Louise.




SO thats that. You should try it sometime. Most importantly, the greatest stream of thought… “I have the coolest friends in the world.” I do. I am not shy. I will brag about it until you want to punch me. I am convinced, that I have been the most fortunate, when It comes to somehow being surrounded by the greatest people on the planet. Backtracking to when Pat and Cindy Bonish, came to visit us as we passed through Savannah, GA. You may remember reading about them in previous posts. They are just the neatest. You should all drive to Cedar Key, FL, visit their hotel and tiki bar, and meet them for yourselves. You will NOT be disappointed. After rambling the divine, historic, cobble stone streets of Savannah… we headed back to Louise to throw our own redneck yacht club party. By 9:00 pm, every live-abaord in the marina had joined us on the dock. I’ll never forget it. I can’t say I was happy to say goodbye to new friends, and what felt like could have been our new neighborhood. Onwards. redneck yacht club-8 redneck yacht club-3 redneck yacht club-2 redneck yacht club-5 redneck yacht club-9 redneck yacht club-10

Bonish Photography, Jessie Zevalkink, Photographer, Savannah
I took the liberty to hack your blog and post up a few funny photos to accompany your amazing photography. Sort of a behind the scenes view of what you look like making your artwork – I hope you don’t mind – Sincerely, Pat

redneck yacht club-11 redneck yacht club-12 redneck yacht club-16 redneck yacht club-18

Jessie on a boat, Bonish Photography, Savannah, Photographer
Jessie going old school

redneck yacht club-14 redneck yacht club-24

Jessie Zevalkink, Photographer, Savannah, Bonish Photography
This is how close a photographer has to be to your face to get a candid, upclose shot while using a super wide angle lens – I think Katie was yelling in the background……”HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?”

redneck yacht club-23

Jessie is somewhat shorter than Cindy, but will do what ever it takes to get her shot

redneck yacht club-26

Jessie Zevalkink, Bonish Photography, Photographer, Savannah
Jessie running to set her timer on her camera, almost getting hit by a passing motorist while doing so – Photo by Pat

redneck yacht club-22

Jessie Zevalkink, Photographer, Bonish Photography, Savannah
Hacked Photo of Miss Jessie by Pat

redneck yacht club-27 redneck yacht club-28

Jessie Zevalkink, Savannah, Katie Smith, Bonish Photography
There were multiple takes of us goofing off up against this old building. I’m sure the crowd that had gathered to watch us act like tourists was having as much fun as we were

redneck yacht club-30

Cindy Bonish, Katie Smith, Savannah, Bonish Photography
It took so long, Katie needed nourishment

redneck yacht club-31

Jessie, Katie Smith, Photographer, Bonish Photography, Savannah
Katie gets bored easily with our photography antics

redneck yacht club-32

Katie Smith, Bonish Photography, Savannah
Katie gives great tours of Savannah if you can keep up with her. She basically just rambles and points at things making up history as you go

redneck yacht club-35

Savannah, Photography, Bonish Photography, Jessie Zevalkink
Its funny that photographers like to take photos of other photographers taking photos

redneck yacht club-34 redneck yacht club-33 redneck yacht club-37

Katie Smith, Reggie, Bonish Photography
Katie looking at me like….”Why is he taking photos of my dog liking himself?”

redneck yacht club-38

Jessie Zevalkink, Bonish Photography, Savannah, Reggie
Jessie trying to catch us dinner while Reggie gives guidance

redneck yacht club-39 redneck yacht club-40

Jessie Zevalkink, Boating, Photographer, Bonish Photography redneck yacht club-44 redneck yacht club-43 redneck yacht club-42 redneck yacht club-41

Fishing, Kayak, Bonish Photography
Fishing Rod Holder for a Girl while she sips her drink

redneck yacht club-45 redneck yacht club-46 redneck yacht club-47 redneck yacht club-48 redneck yacht club-52

redneck yacht club-50

Katie Smith, Bonish Photography, Savannah
Why is Katie’s hand down her pants and does she know that there is a mirror behind her?


Katie Smith, Jessie Zevalkink, Bonish Phtoography
This is probably what Reggie’s view is every morning when he wakes up
Jessie Zevalkink, Boating, Sailing, Bonish Photography
First Things First, Get them teeth clean and that music playing before you start the strongest coffee known to mankind


Jessie Zevalkink, Cindy Bonish, Sailing, Bonish Photography
First swig of Patron and you can see the devilish grin on these two girls faces – It went downhill from here fast



Katie Smith, Jessie Zevalkink, Cindy Bonish, Bonish Phtoography, Savannah
Dinner with these 3 at the Cotton Exchange was a great time


Ok, I wont hack your stuff anymore. Safe travels!


17 thoughts on “I have to Pee.

  1. Loved this lateset set of neural firings. Remember that indecision may or may not be a major issue.


  2. If I could post photos along with your photos, I think I have a follow-up to everyone of your photos, that shows you taking the photo you posted, and is an interesting contrast to see how it looked while you took the photo, compared to how your photo turned out. Now go pee already!

  3. This is an amazing, wonderful post – loved it! Fun to see Savannah too, one of my favorite cities.

  4. Dave and Rene came into town and to our party at the Yacht Club. We discussed their meeting you and what a good time they had. They will be ashore for about a month and then back on the water. You girls be careful and continue having the fun you’ve been having – except for unexpected engine problems. I would be lost too although I’m sure you have gained a lot of engine knowledge along the way. Keep posting, love it.

  5. You have both worked so hard to get to where you are, and are working so hard to get back to where you’ve been. From where you are – it only get’s better. The fun and happiness will not subside. It is in memory, photos, conversation, and in your grandchildren’s spiritual wealth. Those watching you, cheering you on, praying for you, wanting to be you – will always be there as your pit crew, your emotional ground support. We are waiting for your arrival and we’ll be there to wish you luck on your next departure. Thank you for inspiring us, educating us, perpetually expanding so many of our horizons; young and old.

    Stay safe, think, enjoy it like you may never do it again, go further, GodSpeed.

    Jersey Chris, Stock Island

    /Users/chriscramer/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2014/Mar 9, 2014/IMG_0065.JPG

  6. Is it getting cooler? Keep up the good writing and photography. Just returned from a big ship cruise. We met two 25 y.o. girls from Tennessee. They told us they were looking for marrying type guys. We told them about two girls named Katie and Jessie, just having fun and adventures.

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