cape lookout-2 Back tracking… to a weekend in Cape Lookout, NC. I forgot to upload these, but figured they could still be enjoyed. Katie’s little sister Maggie (it’s her 21’st Birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAG! ) and our wonderful friend Rachel Wanty came to visit for the weekend. With that said – girls will be girls. cape lookout-3  cape lookout-5  cape lookout-7 cape lookout-4 cape lookout-8 cape lookout-9 cape lookout-10 cape lookout-11 cape lookout-12 cape lookout-13 cape lookout-14 cape lookout-15 cape lookout-16 cape lookout-17 cape lookout-18 cape lookout-19 cape lookout-20 cape lookout-21 cape lookout-22 cape lookout-23 cape lookout-25 cape lookout-26 cape lookout-27 cape lookout-28 cape lookout-29 cape lookout-30 cape lookout-31 cape lookout

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