A photo series of two ladies, who abducted two ladies, and took them to Cape Cod for a weekend….

the cape-4

Left: Julia Whalen           Center : Dunkin Doughnuts AKA Sunkin Dognuts               Right : Olivia Gilmore

the cape-5

Olivia preforms live.

the cape-6

Olivia gets stuck in bathing suit top.

the cape-7

Jessie and Katie promote patriotism.

the cape-2

Carsick in the backseat.

the cape-8

This is Beth Kelly, one of the most incredible women we’ve met along the way. We met Beth and her husband Jerry on the sea en-route to Key West last winter. When they are not sailing, they live in Cape Cod…. where they opened their doors and took us in for an entire weekend.

the cape-9

PBR or Budweiser? Both.

the cape-10

Katie: Ecstatic  Olivia: Over it.

the cape-11

Where mudslides dictate all decisions

the cape-12 the cape-13 the cape-14 the cape-15

I don’t know who this woman is. But I liked her pancho.

the cape-16 the cape-17

“Every one of you is putting on lipstick” – Olivia

the cape-18

the cape-19  the cape-21

the cape-22

Beth and Jerry’s backyard. She’s was a beaut.

the cape-23 the cape-24

I could live here.

the cape-25

the cape-26 the cape-27 the cape-28  the cape-30

Olivia and Julia take me for a walk.

the cape-31 the cape-32

Woman spot train track. Woman must walk train track.

the cape-33

Knee deep in soggy leaves.

the cape-34

Explorer Julia Whalen, bush-wacks a path.

the cape-35

“Please don’t take a picture right now” – Julia

“Let me call you back, I’m trying to take a damn picture” – Olivia

the cape-36 the cape-37 the cape-38 the cape-39 the cape-40


the cape-41

“Look. Lay down. I am going to put it on your eye.”  Oliv

the cape-42

“No you lay down, I will put in on YOUR eye” – me

the cape-43

“You guys are ridiculous” – Jul

the cape-44

“Stop smiling.” – Oliv

the cape-45

“I can’t!”- Me

the cape-46

“Okay fine.” – Jul

the cape-47

“I saaaaaid stop laughing and stay still ” – Oliv

the cape-48 the cape-49 the cape-50 the cape-51 the cape-52 the cape-53 the cape-54 the cape-55 the cape-56 the cape-57 the cape-58

“Girls, I will buy one of your drawings but I can only afford 50 cents”

the cape-59 the cape-60 the cape-61 the cape-62

the cape-63

Corky and Mayo – Boat dogs

the cape-64

“I don’t actually believe anything you just said”

the cape-65

Happy Birthday Beth !!!!

the cape-66

the cape-67

Beth, her real daughters, and her fake daughters.

the cape-68 the cape-69

This guy… Jerry…one of the greater men in the world.

the cape-71

Miss you already.

the cape-73 the cape-74 the cape-75

“Where’s my mom? Where’s my mom? Where’s my mom? WHERE IS MY MOM?”

the cape-72

Just because.

the cape-76

Homeward bound.

Back to Louise…who patiently rode out hurricane Arthur on a mooring ball in Great Kills Harbor, Staten Island.


Thank you Julia for driving us all over the East Coast. Thank you Olivia for providing a source of entertainment I never knew possible. I love you girls so much.

Thank you to the entire Kelly family for taking 4 wild women into your home. Katie and I are lucky lucky lucky to know you all. To think that it all started with a “clothing optional” bar in Key West…

5 thoughts on “Cape Cod…I love you.

  1. Jessie: “Is it bad that I’m obsessed with overexposing my photos?” – Said to me in Savannah…..Still obsessed with it and it’s working for you. Love your stuff!

  2. Ok, I figured out what you can do to fill the cruising kitty. You guys are stars wherever you go, photogenic as the summer solstice is long, and more fun than a proverbial barrel of beer swilling monkeys. You are absolutely perfect for a reality tv show (on cable of course!) If the yucky Kardashians and everybody else under the sun has one, your ratings would rank right there, beating out duck makers and rich housewives alike. The further adventures of Katie, Jess and Reggie, as they cruise through life…I won’t be the only devotee to DVR the series!

      1. I think that the sexy sailing duo would be instilling oodles of increased patriotism every episode they donned their old glory outfits. Fun and funny are two characteristics that just can’t be beat. Before long, you’d prob see them interviewed on TMZ :).

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