big chute

I grew up going to Michigan’s Adventure, an amusement park in Muskegon, MI.  My memories of the park are vague, I don’t recall having any feelings towards my experience there.  No excitement, no fear, just ridiculously long lines for ridiculously short rides. EXCEPT, for one ride…. it was called the “Log Ride”.  I’ve never forgotten the “Log Ride” for it was the only one at the park worth the wait. Buckled into a piece of plastic shaped like a log, a water slide/roller-coaster combination had you cranking up steep tracks so slowly that you completely forget you are sitting in a plastic log. Once you reach the peak, and are pissed off because it took so long, you launch forward down an enormous water slide screaming as your stomach tries to jump out of your mouth. I remember leaving the park thinking how cool it was to have rocketed down a mountain in a log. Whoever designed that ride, really had it figure out… or had me figured out at least. Since then, I’ve been convinced there is no ride in existence that could top the “log ride”. Until, I found myself on the Trent-Severn waterway at lock number 44. Also known as the “Big Chute”.

The “Big Chute” is the only one of it’s kind in the world. The guide books have pages upon pages describing how it works and preparing you on how to enter the chamber. We have traveled through over 100 locks, but I admit to being slightly nervous about this one. I was hoping to watch several boats lock through first. Turns out, we were amongst a few of the first to arrive that morning. Louise was called over the loudspeaker to enter the chamber front and center. Slow enough to avoid damage, but fast enough to overpower the current, I stopped Louise as directed in the middle of large straps that wrapped around her belly for support. Resting on solely on the keel, and supported by straps, the carriage begins to move up the tracks, and out of the water. Four, 200 hp electric motors provide traction on a cable, delivering you from one body of water to another. The men operating the lock were as fascinated by our enthusiasm as we were by their jobs after asking if they were hiring. I suddenly remembered exactly what it was like to be on the “log ride”. Smiling ear to ear, Katie and I felt like little kids. We wanted to ride on the “big chute” over, and over, and over again and seriously considered asking the employees if we could just stay parked where we were. It was kind of… well.. amazing.

Big Chute-2 Big Chute-3 Big Chute-4 Big Chute-5 Big Chute-6 Big Chute-7 Big Chute-8 Big Chute-9 Big Chute-10 Big Chute-11 Big Chute-12 Big Chute-13 Big Chute-14 Big Chute-15 Big Chute-16 Big Chute-17 Big Chute-18  Big Chute


DSC03890 DSC03893

3 thoughts on “The BIG CHUTE

  1. Katie and Jessie,

    Yet another mind blowing blog entry. This is truly one of my favorite stops on the net. This journey was pretty intense… of course I am sure there were a whole range of emotions and the pics capture this. Now I am thinking as the finish line approaches… what next? I don’t think you have to *top this* but settling into a job and living in a house that stays put seems to be missing all the variety that filled your lives and ours because your shared it with us.

    I would love to see you two do a presentation at a boat show where people could not only see these pics but hear some of your experiences and…. get a chance to meet you. I know I am very inspired by what you have done, I am sure your family is thrilled and proud… Would you consider doing a presentation so more people can be exposed to your passage?

    I know a book is a great idea, but I am now thinking a few live presentations… with Reggie there of course would be fabulous… And of course it would be an opportunity for many of your followers to meet you face to face… and that’s on my bucket list.

    Thank you once again for sharing experience…. the beauty that you see in the mundane is a treat.


  2. I have read every entry and wait in eager anticipation of more. Your smooth subtle way of telling your story is what is so drawing. You make the reader feel the emotions you’re feeling at the time of writing. I wish you both success in all your endeavors and i do hope you do pursue some sort of writing career. I for one will be in line to purchase.

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