Cover Girls

INCREDIBLY EXCITING NEWS as Captain Reggie, Katie, and myself are magically on the cover of a magazine!!!


There are several people that were behind this, and if not for them we would not have had this opportunity.

RENEE & DAVE HERRINGTON (catamaran cruisers aboard Alegria): We met the duo at Stock Island Marina down in Key West, just days before Katie and I were to begin our trip north. We spent an evening getting to know eachother. Dave, who was having a war with their dysfunctional depth sounder, finally sat down, poured himself a drink and began laughing about it. While Renee, was equally as frustrated that her boat had been torn to pieces while trying to solve electrical problems. We bounced stories back and fourth, and shared the toughest and greatest moments with each other. In the end, we all agreed that it was problems like the ones they were having, where we gain our education, experience, and most importantly some of the greatest laughs. We traveled to Key Largo the following day together, and got to share one more evening before Dave and Renee were Bahamas bound, and Katie and I were East coast bound. Renee raved about a guy named Bob Bitchin, the creator of Cruising Outpost, and the current article he had written about attitude, and fear. A light went on in Renee’s head…. “Do you mind if I email Bob and tell him your story?!?! He would love you girls!!! ”

JODY & BOB LIPKIN (creators of Cruising Outpost) A few weeks down the road… I receive an email from Jody, Bob’s wife. Jody finally had a chance to sift through our blog. She was thrilled, and asked If I would be interested in publishing an article in Cruising Outpost. “YES!!!!!” – was of course my answer. I wrote up a 700 word article and sent over several photos that week. A few more days pass… I hear from Jody. They loved it, and wanted more. They asked if I could add in another 500 words, and more photos. I wrote more, kept digging up photos, and sent them over. I receive an email from Bob, he wants to use the article as a “feature” and starts asking me questions about a particular photograph (the cover photo) in which I refer him to my friend, and photographer Pat Bonish

PAT BONISH (photographer) Pat and his wife Cindy have played an enormous role in encouraging and supporting our journey. Our friendship began back in Cedar Key, Florida, where they run a badass tiki bar/motel. Both of them are fabulous photographers, adventurers, and humans. I’m not kidding when I say consider yourself lucky if you know them. They are honestly that cool. Any-who, Pat and Cindy visited us in Savannah, GA this past spring. Pat snapped several photos of Katie and I on the bow one afternoon while we decided to have a “Redneck Yacht Club” day at the docks. I am not at all surprised that Pats photography is gracing the cover of a magazine, however I am shocked that it is Katie and I who are the subject!!!

If not for Renee sending an email to Bob…

If not for Jody and Bob taking the time to look through this blog…

If not for Pat Bonish taking that photo…

If not for having a really pretty friend who owns a really pretty dog…

You get the point. The pieces fell beautifully together. And here we are, on the cover of Cruising Outposts light hearted, and down to earth magazine.

Pick up “Cruising Outpost” at your local West Marine, and/or order one online to read the article.

Smiling ear to ear with unexpectedness, and appreciation. THANK YOU GUYS YEEEEOWWWWWW !









17 thoughts on “COVER GIRLS

  1. I know you guys are now famous but I hope you are still up for being featured speakers at the Chicago Yacht Club when you return to this area?

    Let me know, I am counting on it.


  2. Congratulations Katie & Jessie, well deserved. We are happy to have crossed paths, you are both a real inspiration. The invitation to sail with us is always open and we hope to see you again when you need some “Caribbean time”. Renee & Dave Herrington – S/V Alegria

  3. I just met Bob Bitchin at the Newport boat show. While convincing me to subscribe he showed the newest copy of Cruising Outpost with your picture on the cover!! Everybody was surprised when I said “I know who they are …Katie and Jessie on a boat!” Needless to say, I subscribed and read it cover to cover…awesome article!!

  4. Haven’t yet seen the article, but WELCOME HOME TO WEST MI! My son lives in Northport and said that you got some ink about your return . I hope to meet you both prior to my Fall 2015 Loop departure out of Muskegon. Murph’

      1. His nam is Kevin Murphy and (temporarily) he and his wife and daughter are living in his Mom’s house at 504 N. Mill St. in Northport. I think you will enjoy Kevin & Amy and find their recent transformation from jobs in Grand Rapids and home in Spring Lake to homesteading out on an old farm on M-22 pretty interesting. Enjoy a cold one: Kevin’s phone is 231-432-0610.

        I picked up the Cruising Outpost at WM in Muskegon yesterday and enjoyed the article. Are you going to do a series of articles with highlights of the whole trip? You really should think about a book because your reflections, insight and writing style make for a fascinating and compelling story about fear, fun, determination and adventure. While the story of the Loop might interest some, I know it will only be a backdrop for the real story about friendship and zestful self-discovery.

        I suspect that you write like I do. Following days or weeks of procrastination, the thoughts, feelings and insights litterally flow out from your brain into the keyboard. Most writers struggle to craft a collection of thoughts; you seem to have the ability to relate and deliver them in clear bursts.

        Good luck with this next phase – whatever it is.


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