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Minutes have a way of warping themselves into hours when in an uncomfortable situation. Like silly putty, minutes are malleable. Time stretch is mental, but it can be so incredibly real that we can not fix it, leaving you to believe that yes in fact – the nipple hardening, and terrifying 20 miles through an angry woman eating lake took days – if not months. (It took 4 hours)

Waves crashed over the bow when they got bored trying to knock us sideways. Strong westerly winds had us horizontal in the small craft channel winding through rocks with teeth. The depth sounder was chucking random and inconsistent numbers at me. You know what they say about pods of dolphins? For every one that comes up, there are ten underneath. I believed this theory to be true with every exposed rock we flew by. And I’m serious when I say “flew”. Louise was flying at boeing 747 speeds (6 knots) through the most inappropriate and shallow, rock maze (Georgian Bay small craft channel). It was a disastrous scene, but Katie and I were so cold and wet, we just kept on flying.

Surrounded by white water, the waves crashed on nearby rocks when they weren’t crashing over us. The rain fell sideways – which doesn’t actually make any sense if you ask me.  How does rain fall sideways anyways? Oh yes, wind. Catastrophic scenes played in my head – The king sheet (genoa) ripping in half. The engine quitting and not starting. The rudder snapping. The tiller cracking. The keel bashing. You name it, I was thinking it. This was when minutes began warping themselves into hours. I knew it was a mind game, and I wanted to win. I wiggled my toes in my boots to stay warm. I did “high-knees” in-between waves to keep my blood flowing. We turned the music up louder, and watched the birds ride the gusts.

I swear we were in Alaska. My bones rattled. My eyeballs frozen still in their sockets. My hands purple.  Soaking wet and over it… one thing stayed on the top of our priority list… “Henrys Fish Camp” A famous fish and chip restaurant in the Georgian Bay only accessible by boat or plane. Turns out we happen to live on a boat. A tank in fact, that was charging towards fried fish on this glorious Canadian summer day. We arrived at Henrys’ to find out that most people don’t choose to go flying or boating in minor squalls and that we would be drinking a well deserved cocktail – alone.

Like two old men – We drank. We ate. We sat on the pot. We fell asleep. And thats what life’s all about.

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Lake Georgie

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10 thoughts on ““Like two old men – We drank. We ate. We sat on the pot. We fell asleep.”

  1. Where I live now, we only have a mud bottom, so I’ve become a very cocky boater!! When ever I read or hear stories of boating with solid rock, hull eating bottoms, I get very nervous!

    I can only imagine the anxiety this section must have induced.

  2. You know, I was almost believing your premise about you guys being like two old men, until I started scrolling down the photos and came upon the first of two young happy hotties smilin’ a mile wide for the camera. There’s no country for old men around here anyhow. & that’s why they tend take to the sea if they can. . Btw, a good way to see through the rain and water when it’s going sideways right into your eyes, are swim or ski goggles- although you old saltines probably knew that already. 🙂 Sail on!

  3. I left Northport 2 years ago in a Pearson 28-2, with my dog, 2 weeks after you all set sail. We didn’t make it all the way around, still it was amazing. Congratulations on completing the loop!

  4. Okay-frozen chics–Are you ready to return to the hot sweaty Bahamas? We were hoping you would be home before the cold weather started. It is not fun sailing/boating in frigid conditions. Watching washing machines floating on ice down the Delaware River was interesting from inside a warm car. Standing in an ice storm waiting on public transportation was not enjoyable. From mommie haircut to two old men really show how much you have aged since returning to the North. Keep up the great wiring and pictures. Now we can start reading you article in Cruising Outpost.

  5. YIKES—we know exactly where you were—our passage, 2x, thru there was beautiful. Now Bill and his brothers on a 3rd passage, not so much. Hope you enjoyed Henry’s!

  6. I left Northport 2 years ago singlehanded with my dog about two weeks after you did. We didn’t make it all the way around. Great blog. Congratulations on completing the loop!

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