Can we please have a round of applause for our new captain,  who is not only a deep sea fisher woman but has just completed her US COAST GUARD MASTERS CAPTAIN LICENSE ! ! ! The most common question we got traveling aboard was “Who is the captain?” In which we laughed and said both of us. Truth is that yes, I was the one driving most of the time, but when it came to decision making, problem solving, navigating, statistics, logistics, and pretty much everything required to get from A to B, Katie ran the show. The captain of a ship is not just the person at the helm, it is so much more than that – Captain Katie everyone ⚓ hire her today, or at least buy the woman a drink. Proud of ya MA.

Back in the day… before either of us knew a damn thing about captaining or plumbing… and our toilet was broken… we figured it would be a better captains chair than a toilet anyways.

17 thoughts on “CAPTAIN KATIE

  1. Congratulations captain Katie ! So impressive – that is quite a difficult test – what an accomplishment!!!,

  2. I have been following your posts shortly after your leaving the Bahamas . They all (the post) seem like I am reading a Mark Twain novel. Now I must extend a congratulation to Katie for the great achievement my hands are tingling from applauding her. My hat is off to both of you.

    Robert Van Gemert

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  3. A great big, and I mean BIG, congrats!

    I’ve heard crazy stories about how difficult it is to accomplish this feat.


  4. Congratulations Captain Katie
    and ya’ll have a safe journey.
    I have read your blog ever since finding it on Pat and Cindy’s blog from their camping days to Cedar Key and Lowkey Hideaway.

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