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HI YA’LL. Katie and I have been nominated twice for the “Liebster Award” by as well as This is an award granted to bloggers – from bloggers. A fabulous way to share stories, and get connected. Helping promote each others blogs goes to show how the cruising community extends a hand on and off of the water. Thank you to everyone who has shared our site with others. Having this blog through our travels connected us with so many people we wouldn’t have otherwise been connected with. The power of the internet is so insane it kind of creeps me out (in a good way) LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE – spread it.

So here’s the deal. The person who nominates you asks a series of questions. In return, you nominate other bloggers and ask them a series of questions.



What do you tell people when they tell you they, too, have always wanted to live on a sailboat? It’s not as charming as it seems. But I’d encourage it. I wish more people – young people – wanted to give it a try.

The one cruising memory that comes to mind when you’re looking out an airplane window is: 

What keeps you awake at night when you’re on the boat?  Well my ex-boyfriend of course. Accidentally touching feet in the v-berth. Nightmares of life on land. The halyard smacking the mast. The anchor chain. The rocking. The rotted bulkhead creaking. Water bottles rolling around by my head. The temperature anytime it’s not 72 degrees… so pretty much everything.

Dumbest thing you’ve done (or are still doing) on the boat? TRY TO BE A PLUMBERThere are honestly too many to count. I hit several rocks in Canada. I am a hot mess when it comes to fenders, throwing lines, tying knots, and righty-righty/lefty-loosy concept.

Any books or movies that one must simply binge on that highlight the cruising experience? Katie, could you please enlighten us?

Boats are small spaces. How do you you regain peace after a small battle with your crew? Hahahahaha. The answer is simple – don’t battle. Not enough space for karate. You are nothing without your crew. You need them. Compromise. Agree to disagree. If you are single handed – you are superhuman.

Do you have tan lines? At one point, we could both be completely naked and anyone nearby would assume we had bikinis on. Currently I am all one color – white, like, whiter than Caucasian.

What would you do if you had monkey butlers at your disposal for a day? I do, her name is Katie. Kidding. That monkey would deliver me answers every time I have a question about something… which is all day everyday. They would also be diesel mechanics.

What surprised you most about choosing this lifestyle? How little one needs to be happy.

What’s next? If I knew I probably wouldn’t tell. It’s a surprise – even for me.




Why the heck do you want to live on a boat anyway? Because it’s much more challenging than living on land. When I am on land I can’t help but think about how easy everything is. Boat life toughens you up a little bit. Just getting groceries is like solving an equation, but on land – it is a brainless activity. If you abide by mother natures rules, and if you are patient, there is no greater freedom than living aboard.

What is your favorite meal onboard? Can of Trader Joe’s turkey chili with lots of srirrachaand salty tortilla chips, followed by several pieces of chocolate and a warm beer.

What is your dream location to cruise? Honestly, my back yard. The Great Lakes are amazing, and I am proud of them.

What’s been the funniest moment onboard?

If you could give one piece of advice to newbie cruisers, what would it be?  The less things you have, the less things you have to break. Don’t be scared of sharks, there are more sharks on land than there are in the sea. Make mistakes – they are the greatest part of your story. If you are the kind of person who refuses to ask for help (cough cough, calling most men) get over it – go ask for help. If you are the kind of person that has a hard time parting with all of your things (calling most women) get over it – leave it behind, it’s probably unnecessary. Oh and crying is allowed.


I NOMINATE the LIEBSTER AWARD to the following:

KEVIN DE REGT – Hillarious writer. Single handed 25 year old doing America’s Great Loop before heading back to Dartmouth for his masters. Buy this kid a drink and feed him a hot meal if you meet him on his travels okay?

DAVID ADOLPHS – An friend who made his dreams reality, and has sailed to the other side of the world. So happy for him.

AMY & MARY– two bad ass chicks who hand made a canoe and sailed the perimeter of Lake Michigan –  I KNOW, AND YOU THOUGHT WE WERE CRAZY. AMAZING.


If you weren’t on this adventure, what would you be doing?

What question do you hate answering the most?

What question do you wish more people thought to ask?

What was the dirtiest job you have been faced with?

What did you bring on your trip that you later realized was ridiculous?

Describe a moment when you wanted to quit.

Whose boat do you secretly wish you could hop on to travel with and why?


















7 thoughts on “We won a Grammy.

  1. Congrats–Lover your answers–I guess you are home in the foot of snow. It is 74 here and going to the 40’s on Saturday–Yuck–

  2. OMG–continued laughs, the pleasure of reading your writings/musings, enjoying your photography, continuing to share…jeeeze, just makes me soooo Happy. Bonnie Sweeney

  3. You guys need to send some funny video to Bravo, and don’t sign the syndication contract ’till they offer the big bucks.

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