Chicago Boat Show-21

Katie and I took on the Chicago Boat Show a few weeks back and I was blown away at the interest thats been shown in our adventure and in The Great Loop. When I was finally accepting that all of this was over… being able to do presentations and continue to talk to others about how they can do it too, reminded me that it’s not actually over at all. In fact, it’s like we are starting all over again – same subject – different classroom – kind of thing. Huge thank you to the incredible Bob Bitchin and his beautiful wife Jody of Cruising Outpost Magazine for hosting us.

To be honest, it was frustrating at first to talk non-stop about something that you did – versus something that you are doing… which sounds kind of ungrateful.  I didn’t like hearing myself talk about myself. Kind of like that drunk guy at the end of the bar rambling about something legendary he did 30 years ago, no one cares, and no ones listening. While we were traveling, in the midst of it all, talking about it was appropriate and in context; Two haggard girls pull up to a dock in a tiny sailboat with dog – easy conversation starter. People asked, we told. Two regular girls pull into the city in a Honda Accord, in clean clothes with dog – boring. But people still asked, and we still told. What I am saying is, I never expected to continue to talk about my life in past tense as often as it was talked about while it was happening. I never expected to be able to light a match under a few people’s asses hot enough to send them boat shopping and Great Loop researching. I never expected my voice to be the one speaking in a huge silent room full of people. I never expected to be capable of impacting anyone, having answers to their questions, or helping them get one step closer towards their dream. This entire time I have been looking for that impact – to be hit by a flaming meteorite revelation telling me exactly who I am and what I am supposed to do. I have been looking for answers to my own questions. I have been looking for the person who can get one step further to my goals. And for just a moment, I felt I could be to others – what I have been looking for for me. Like a stupid kitten chasing my own tail… I stopped running in circles and looked up. Am I making any sense what so ever? Sorry if this is getting confusing. What I am trying to say, is thank you. Thank you to everyone who came out to listen, to ask, to support,  and to encourage.

For months the infamous question has been “Whats next?”

Followed up by “Will there be a book?”

And for months my answer has been “I don’t know”

Followed up by “I don’t know” While I silently throw F bombs around in my brain for not having an answer.

I mean really? I’ve had over two years of sittin and thinkin on a boat and all I can come up with is “I don’t know” ?!?!?!?!?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

The answer itself has been spelled out in front of me every time I’ve read it, and I am just now seeing that it’s simply been a word puzzle. You all have just been messing with me, haven’t you?

QUESTION : “What’s next?” Will there be a book?”

ANSWER : “What’s next? There will be a book!”

All I had to do was  switch around the “will” and “there” to “there” and “will” while swapping out the question mark with an exclamation point. And there ya have it, WAM BAM THANK YOU MAM.

“There will  be a book.”

Geez. My apologies for taking so long to see the writing on the wall. If you continue to be patient… and I mean really patient, there will be a book. Stubbornly I do not like asking for help, and will reroute myself in many inconvenient ways to avoid asking for it. But I’m going to suck it up – I am going to ask for help.  Because for this project I will need it. There are several things you can help Katie and me with to support us in the book publishing process:

1) Attend our next presentation – open to the public TOMORROW Feb 5th, at 7:45 at the Elks Club,625 Bay Street, Traverse City, MI 49684  (TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS)

2) Listen to our live podcast Friday, Feb 6th at 10:00 AM here:  If you miss it, listen to the recording after-the-fact at that same site, or download it from iTunes. Just search AGLCA on iTunes to find it. (TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS) 

3) BUY A T-SHIRT ALL PROCEEDS FUNDING THE PRINTING/PUBLISHING/DISTRIBUTING OF “THE BOOK” (we don’t know what it’s called yet any suggestions?) T-shirts are hand printed by Katie Smith at Michigan Rag CO. (TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS)

Your support is everything. Without it my answer remains “I don’t know” But with it I confidently say “There will be a book!!!!!!!!!”

The ball is already rolling, but it’s heavy, and I need help pushing it.

Thank you : ) Email me with any questions… comments… complaints or whatever ya got.

Chicago Boat Show 1-2

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17 thoughts on “Will there be a book???

  1. Awsome congrats girls I enjoyed following you and the journey, Have found you inspirational so if you ever find your selves in the Toronto area E-mail me and first beers are on me 🙂 ps, send me the getting book info when you get it Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2015 01:39:41 +0000 To:

  2. Now you know you can live your dreams if you just do it. You can also inspire others to live theirs too.
    Funny how we don’t realize how enviable our live are while we are living our dreams. To us it’s just life…
    Keep leading and others will follow.
    Great work isn’t it.
    Fair winds.

  3. I think the book should be about the next even bigger longer farther sailing adventure. And then comes the movie. Cause of course you Kickstartered it with money to buy hero cams all over your new blue water cruising boat to take to….who knows…it’s a pretty big blue water planet!
    You are great just the way you are!

  4. And there’ son doubt at all about the best name for your future book. “Katie and Jessie on a Boat”-of course! don’t mess with success! Easy to remember, with an established following of ardent admirers far and wide.

  5. YES. YES. YES. As always, perfect. Completely relate to what you are saying about talking about yourself in the past tense and all that jazz. So very sorry we missed meeting up with you both this time around, our departure was too hectic I’m afraid. So looking forward to your book. Keep it up ladies. Much love, big hugs. xo

  6. Hello, I just caught the end of your journey and it’s crazy how these posts hit home for me. First of all you gals are awesome. Cool blog, interesting honest perspective, great experience. We returned from a year cruising our boat from San Francisco to Mexico, sold it and moved to the Midwest to start a family. It seemed foolish to talk about what I DID do when I wasn’t doing anything anymore. I didn’t keep up my blog, or keep following others because it was hard to not be a part of “it” anymore. 2 years later I’m “cured” but it was hard for a while. A lot harder than I thought it would be. Good for you two, I can’t wait to see the book. People want to hear your story, it’s a great one!

  7. My husband and I met you Jessie…2 years ago at Nemo’s on the Beach in Ft. Myers. We have followed your travels since then. We have thoroughly enjoyed your narrative, loved Katie’s pix, appreciated the humor in both the stories and the pictures. We’ve been enthralled by the adventures and impressed with the courage shown by 2 young women. We are definitely on the side of changing “will there be” to “there will be” a book.

    Bill and Shari
    Cleveland, Ohio

  8. Reading and seeing images about other people’s experience is how we inform ourselves about the world, what’s out there and what is possible if you make the effort. You’ve done a great service toward informing readers about what’s out there. You’ve done stunning photos and your writing was humorous, self effacing and welcoming and of course informative. If this could be turned into a real page turner I think it would be wonderful!
    I did notice the demographics of the audience at the presentations from the pics. Obviously not many younger people would take a forward looking interest as much as older people appreciating what some young ladies and a dog achieved. Cruising is mostly the province of older and more financially established people and few young people without sponsorship of some sort can even attempt such a thing. That’s unfortunate because YOUNG is the best time to do this.
    This is a hard act to follow, but I suspect something interesting will be in your futures.
    Thanks once again for this blog and the courage it took for you two do do the great loop and the manner in which you documented it.
    sv shiva
    Northport, NY

  9. Yippee! So happy to hear that you ladies are indeed going to take that next step. Keep the momentum going and do it sooner than later because (believe us) it’s a whole lot harder to get it done years later (and a lot harder to remember those crucial details)! We’ll be awaiting the tales in print. Congrats again!!

    Katie and Mark

  10. You need to write this book not only to share your amazing stories, but also to share your incredible ability to write, share thoughts and express yourself! Looking forward to the book!


  11. Katie and Jessie, I have been following a facebook page called Hasta Alaska. This guy is traveling from Chile to Alaska in a Volkswagen Bus with an adorable dog. He is currently in Baja Mexico and about to start up the west coast. His story sometimes reminds me of katie and jessie on a boat with all the people that he has met and how they have contributed to his journey. Thought that it might be of interest to you guys. He has a youtube page called Kombi Life also. Looking forward to the book!!!

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