I have gotten caught up in the world of “clocks and calendars” as my friend Dave Bricker told me I would. It happened quickly and snuck up on me with a warning that I ignored. Robbing me of my wings and wanderlust, in which I have always considered to be my currency. Freedom my cash, exploration and experiences my credit. What is money anyway? No one should be defined by a number.

I have set aside the salty life and pardon me while I eat my words for just a moment – am trying to save up a little cash. This is the longest I have been in one place for years… and it hasn’t even been a year… and the longer I stay the harder the thought of leaving is… and the more I understand why people choose to do so. I have always wondered about those who stay versus those who go. Aren’t you curious? Don’t you want to meet new people? See new places? Just fly away? Just go. We don’t all think that way, and truth is I kind of wish I didn’t. Last time I stayed in one place for this long I was knee deep stuck in the Mississippi mud. For the first time in a long time, I have chosen to stay. It was a hard choice to make. It was a great choice to make. This is not to say I don’t think about up and leaving at any moment because I do, but I am beginning t0 see the up-side of resisting that. I’ve never fully realized how often I had been saying goodbye in the past. How many times I had set myself up for failed relationships, short-lived friendships, and disposable jobs. I’ve just walked away time and time again. I have hurt people by doing so, and every once and a while myself. I have racked up years of “hello’s” and “goodbye’s” until as of late, I’ve noticed that by sitting still I can continue to rack up the “Hello’s” and extinguish the “goodbye’s”. I don’t know where I am going with this.

It is right here in Traverse City, Michigan that I have begun to feel some roots. Weird I know. It is here where family is. It is here where my friendships feel differently than ever before. It is here where the time I give to others has become more important than the time I give to myself. It is here where I feel most lucky. I am not saying I wont leave (god forbid I eat my words again) but it is here I will always come back. And that thought alone, has changed my entire mentality.

I’m not joking when I say that I am full-fledged dependent on clocks and calendars these days. Without these tools I could not survive, and it is these tools that keep my inconsistent schedule, consistent. I no longer need a tube of 5200 or a jerry can of diesel to make it through the day. I am your average American worker who is expected to be certain places at certain times upon commitment. This requires me to have what we call “a schedule”. For two years I ignored the clock, and the calendar and now it dictates me like mother nature once did. I never check the radar anymore, I check the calendar. I rarely check the clouds, I check the clock. I never check the tides (not that I ever did that was Katie’s job), I check my bank account. I look down, not up. I am defined by numbers. I am not saying I am upset about this, it is purely a reoccurring observation. At the end of the day I am satisfied when I am able to flush a toilet.

With all that non-sense said – I have a few dates for you to mark on your own clocks and calendars because I would be thrilled to see you. There are several upcoming presentations about our story on America’s Great Loop, followed with Q & A and probably the nearest bar.




OCTOBER 7th-12th :: ANNAPOLIS BOAT SHOW, MD:: TBD we will be working the Cruising Outpost booth all week.

If you did not get a chance to see the article in SAILING MAGAZINE here is the link ” A LOOPY ADVENTURE “ This write up meant the world to us, I think our lives are complete after making it into Sailing Mag.

ALSO, on a serious note… my sister lives in Dresden, Germany. I fly out on a one-way ticket Oct 15 for an extended visit. I am looking for a place to hole-up and write for the month of November. Preferably in a non-english speaking country because I am obsessed with making strangers my friends and I need to eliminate any potential social life. I have truck-loads of information and introspection in my head waiting to be unloaded onto paper. But I only have two hands. I will be looking for a place to disconnect for a little while.

Does anyone have like… a castle in the hills of Ireland I can come live in? A fully functioning tree house with internet access? (I don’t need plumbing) A charming chateau in the south of France? A bungalow on a cliff over-looking the Mediterranean Sea? Better yet… a boat? A place to check out… and tune in all at once? I am completely kidding about the luxury. I am dead serious about anyplace, anywhere, any connections or friends you may have for me while I explore Europe. Anything helps.    : )

P.S. Should you need a photographer? I am for hire. Weddings. Engagements. Families. Sailing across the ocean and need someone to document… you know… that kind of thing. I still need to find a ride back from Europe, and am open to that ride being on a boat instead of a plane.

Thanks. You’re great.


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12 thoughts on “Clocks & Calendars

  1. Nice to hear from you Katie. Laura and I are in Charleston SC. Planning on going to the boat show so will look for you there.

    Tom Eschbaugh

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  2. Hi Jess, love your ‘brain dumps’. Hope you enjoy Europe and find a good ride back to the US. Keep writing that book as would love to read it when finished.

    Best wishes,

    Sussex, UK

  3. Hello I followed your trip and love your writing. Barb and I are In Oscoda, visiting my Mom. Then to Cedar to visit my mother in law. I would be so thrilled to shake your hand and say hello in person. Starting Wednesday, I will find myself in Leland, lake Leland, Glen Arbor and all around that area for the next several days, or later in the week.

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  4. I roamed a lot early in my life – but there came a time when each goodbye got harder and each re-establishment took more effort, so I settled down for a few years.

    However, the bug is back, and in a year I am planning to leave again (having a sailboat this time makes the whole process easier, as ‘home’ is always with you).

    Life goes in cycles, and you just have to go with how you feel at any present moment.

  5. Jessie, Love your post once again. You are just too much. You make me giggle. We have left cape Cod and will be living in Bethel, Maine. We move into our house in late September. Right now we are staying at our condo and on our boat. You must come visit us this winter. Put us on your calendar. How about January? Happy writing.

    All the best, Madeline

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  6. Hope to see you at Anopolis, going to look at some boats. Was late to find your blog but started at the beginning, what a great adventure and story. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi there sunshine! I enjoy reading all your stories, and have written before. I am in Northern Indiana right now. Still battling the cancer I wrote about before. Still wishing I wouldn’t have had to sell my PY26 I was equiping for my adventure before i got sick. But pife goes on, and i believe i am getting better every day! Just wish i was in my boat instead of my motorhome…lol Maybe I will find a boat I can rent to live on for awhile! Anyways, good luck on your trip to Europe, and all your future plans! Maybe I will get to come see one of your shows! God bless! Rick

  8. You are a wise woman, Miss Z and have much more of a handle on life than you might think. Life does go in cycles and chapters. Part of the wonder in living (and writing) is that you really don’t know where you are going next until you begin to move forward. Sometimes it does involve clocks and calendars. Sometimes it is the introspection that makes us creative that troubles us. We wonder why we are such a piece of work and whether we’ll ever find our center.

    Most never ask those questions. Few get more joy from life than those who do. Rock on and enjoy the trip. Maybe see you in August in Northport.

    Greg (CaptainMurph)

  9. I write this in similar category. totally bummed we will miss you in Annapolis, but we will be sailing close by for our third Caribbean tour from NYC. It is so hard being off the boat, and then getting back on, and feeling all the dendrites in your brain having to rewire a once very familiar landscape. I too am another person who feels horrible to make friends fast, then leave, so I very much appreciate you writing your experiences down. I love your posts, thank you. Christel Astin

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