For those of you who followed the adventures of Katie and Jessie while sailing America’s Great Loop…I finally, two years later have the answer to everyone’s favorite question :


I am preparing to sail from America to England spring 2017. I’ll reach the Atlantic via the northern route through the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. With my fiancé as my crew, and my fathers 1962 Pearson Invicta as my vessel. The northern passage may be the shortest in distance, but is prone to heavy fog, ice, deep depressions and cool temperatures. Daunting to say the least, this is a traditional west to east passage. A double-handed trans-atlantic is quite a leap from the comforts my coastal cruising knowledge, but with help of my highly qualified crew-member (Luke), and sturdy fiberglass vessel built for ocean racing (Desireé)… I have just enough crazy left in me to go for it.


I am from America. Luke is from England. This seems the the most sensible thing to do.


Time is an important variable in being able to pull this off while maintaining jobs. Meaning the shortest distance with the least stops is most suiting.  To give you an idea of how far north England is in latitude, check out this flight map from London to New York City. Our route will not be far off from that of a planes.



Well, because I promised my father I would return his boat back to Michigan. Requiring not one Atlantic crossing, but two. I am not going to start discussing the return trip until we make it one way alive first. Stay tuned.

To give you an idea of what our northern route may look like…I’ll be departing from Northport, Michigan mid April 2017, navigating four of the great lakes toward the St Lawrence Seaway. Luke will meet me in Montreal and together we will head to St. John’s for our last pit-stop before a 1900 mile crossing to Falmouth, England.