Louise is the darling vessel Katie and I lived on for two years while cruising America’s Great Loop. She is living proof of simplicity at sea, and the ability to travel far in small spaces, on small budgets.


Make: 1979 CAL 2-27

Designer: Bill Lapworth

Rig: Masthead Sloop

Length: 26.58′

Beam: 9.25′

Draft: 4.25′

Engine: Universal, Diesel 11hp

Sleeps 4 uncomfortably, 2, a dog, and possibly a kitten – just lovely.

“The Cal 2-27 is a reliable day or weekend cruiser. Best suited for winds in the low to mid-teens, the Cal 2-27 won’t dazzle with record speeds but offers enjoyable cruising with the comfort of the good old days. She prefers flat water, but will put up with ocean swells to. This boat has a unique charm; it’s weakness can be corrected with reasonable financial effort.”


INTERIOR: The interior is sided with teak, four generously sized berths, a small galley and a head. We have a two burner alcohol stove, a grill to go on the stern pulpit, ice box, and room to store food. Two sinks (1 in the galley, 1 in the head) are connected to one 18 gallon water tank. The head is connected to a 5 gallon bladder, which we must pump out along the way. We decided to save the original plaid 1979 cushions. After taking them to get deep cleaned, the old school pattern looks good as new.

IMG_5707 IMG_5712 IMG_5717 IMG_5727 IMG_5731 IMG_5737 IMG_5749 IMG_5757 IMG_5761 IMG_5763  IMG_5774

Katie and I sold Louise for the same price we bought her a month after we returned home. She took us farther than we ever expected. She remains locally in my hometown, and rests on a mooring ball in my back yard, neighboring the my fathers Pearson,

28 thoughts on “S/V Louise

  1. hey, you should give proper credit to the yard in Chicago. That would be Crowley’s Yacht Yard..after all it was Grant Crowley himself who suggested that your dad’s get the Cal 2-27 for your great adventure 😉

  2. Hi! Looks like a great adventure! I came across your sire while looking for information and specs on the Cal 2-27 …considering it as an option to live on with my girlfriend. I can’t find the length of the cockpit seating – any chance you could send that dimension my way? Hoping for at least 6′ so I can sleep comfortably out there when the weather welcomes (or demands) it. Thanks!

    1. Hello! This boat has done wonders. It is fun to live on. Both of us somehow sleep up in the v-berth. I just measured and the v-berth is 6 feet long, while the port side cockpit berth is 6 feet, 4 inches. You should be nice a cozy.

      1. Thanks for the info! Unfortunately I wasn’t clear enough on my question …I meant the cockpit seating outside 🙂 I’d like to know I can sleep under the stars or at least recline fully on the cockpit benches while enjoying the weather.

  3. as you travel please tell people aboart boats for people….Our group is about helping people that want to enjoy a boat get a chance to….and at the same time raise monies to help those that need to move out of conflicted areas to safer places…In the America’s…We are sailors that are also humanitarians..that are getting great at fund raising for good causes..we attracting others that have great hearts and minds to make the America’s even better and safer also…We work with agencies that find missing children such as Polly Klaus… We are just getting started…
    Merry Christmas from Northport
    Randall Mc Caleb and the Fresh Wind Friends

    anyone can call 310 579 7146

  4. Had a great day at Klub Cay today with you guys, need an email address to send the pictures I took of you guys. Wish you the best, Thanks

  5. I have been looking to buy a 1975 2-27 and love what you two are doing! A small question for you: In the specs above it says there is a separate water tanks, one for galley and one for sink in head. Where is the one for sink in the head?

      1. Ah, same as the one went ahead and bought last weekend! Glad to hear you survived the crossing but sorry to hear about the injuries!

      2. Hey,

        Just bought my 2nd Cal 227 – 1979..plenty of room for just me…thanks for the info
        on the water tank, kind of suspected it was in the v-berth…which of course is Full!

        Best wishes,

        Mack on “Sabbatical”

  6. hi my husband and I have the Cal 227 we live in Pompano Beach Fl. we love racing and cruising. if you are nearby we would love to visit with you!

  7. I grew up sailing a cal 2-27. My Dad used to sell Cal boats when I was a kid(many moons ago).
    I currently have a 2-29 on the chesapeake bay. they are great boats. have fun, be safe. good luck in your travels.

  8. Hello I’m new in these matters. I’m contemplating making an offer to purchase.Cal227 . I saw that the inside has to do everything. On the other hand, I ask you How hard is transport the Call 227 on a sailboat trailer? To Enter and out of the water? Is it necessary to always use crane?

    Thanks a lot,
    from PR

  9. Good web site you have here.. It’s difficult to find excellent writing like yours nowadays.
    I truly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  10. You’re living my dream!! I sail at lake Lanier, here in GA, but the ocean has been calling me for a while now… Going to sail up the coast one day, and around the Statue of Liberty… Hope to see you guys out there! MRC.

  11. Greetings from America I just googled myself and somehow your pictures were at the page along with many other people I do not know ….I am writing cause I do know you girls at least a little bit..hope life is treating you very well….and this summer rocks big time for you both…

  12. we 1967 Cal 30. Owned her for 4 years, the previous owner restored 95% and we’ve done the last 5. We stay on her most weekends and as often as possible. Your trip is inspiring, we have a 26 year old that did an Outward Bound Expedition and then worked as an aupair in France — then finished her undergraduate degree there. We wish there were more like ya’ll — keep the dream alive!

    Bobby and Margaret Centers
    1967 Cal 30 s/v CIRCLE
    Augusta, GA

  13. Congrats!!! Seen you two in cruising outpost. Went to your website and couldn’t stop reading and amazing photos. I’m in Colorado and bought a catalina 25 swing keel and restored it in front of my house in this little neighborhood. People think I’m crazy.. I can’t wait to get her back in the water. You two are awesome!
    Give Reggie a good scratchin (; sending love and tons of kudos your way.

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