Today, we went sailing. Around our mooring ball. Jessie and I somehow figured out how to put our headsail on our brand new roller furling. For a second the sail filled with air and we sailed in circles around our buoy. Between our first docking experience, and “sailing” in circles, we couldn’t be more excited!

Another highlight today was finally painting! Everything from the v-berth to the cabin top inside our new home.

LOOOOOK!!!!! This is the bed we plan to share?

Reggie is such a hard worker.

Moon boots.

union work force

Captain’s seat. Many many many hours and days to be spent right here.

The deck has finally been scrubbed down, and we will be able to clean up way better than I expected. I don’t think there are any photos of the condition before it was scrubbed, but I assure you it already looks 20 years newer than before.

Little Magaret Louise, giving us her two-sense

Welcome home ?

In the Beginning

Our new home in progress

The entire bottom was corroded and blistered, which meant the whole damn thing had to get sanded down to the fiberglass and re-painted. Now we are going to go so fast.

“Dame D’or” means “Lady of Gold” in french. No thanks. We are changing the name, which is supposed to be extremely bad luck. BUT we read up on the ‘re-naming ceremony’ that involves destroying all evidence or existing papers that the boat was ever named “Dame D’or” It also includes a celebration where it will be christened with champagne.

Swamp Women

Last November Katie Smith and myself decided we would buy a boat and take it down America’s intercoastal waterway down to the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Keys, Bahamas and so on. Most likely never to return.

So we got a boat. We leave in September. We don’t have  a clue what we are getting ourselves into. Stay tuned!