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 Birthday: January 20, 1989

Hometown: Grand Haven, Michigan ( Currently roaming the Sierra Nevada mountains in California with 5 dogs, 1 cat, and 8 chickens )

Interests: DOGS.

Favorite Quote: “What you have to decide… is how you want your life to be if your forever was ending tomorrow would this be how you’d want to have spent it? Listen, the truth is, nothing is guaranteed. You know that more than anybody. So don’t be afraid. Be alive.”     -Sarah Design

Contact : katieesmith9@gmail.com

Follow Katie’s instagram: katiegirllllll & our hash tag #theadventuresofportandstarboard


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Birthday: February 23, 1989

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan (Currently residing in Traverse City, MI with high hopes to discover a way to be in two places at once )

Favorite Activity: HANDSTANDS

Favorite Quote: “The hardest thing in the world is to simplify your life, its so easy to make complex” -180 South

Contact: jesszevalkink@gmail.com






45 thoughts on “Kate & Jess

  1. Love your crew photos! And glad you have a real bladder for shit. I thought you’d have to be crouching over the rail 🙂

  2. Yeah, Jessie! Had a blast hanging out with you and my friend, Jimmy, this weekend; my son, Toby, joins me in thanking you for the hospitality and wishing you an absolutely entertaining and safe journey! Bon voyage; feliz viaje!

  3. Your dad (randy) told me that you adopted a family along the way… How about some info on them so we can run them through the FBI database to see if they are wanted criminals on the run from the law!

  4. Well girls – was awesome meeting you, ths is chef mark of the 100ft yacht – see u in Fort Lauderdale – keep the adventure a love, eat well and ave fun – blue skes mark
    @chefmarkfarmerj or FB chef mark farmer


      1. Thanks to Janet who led me to your website, I have read every word of your journey’s “diary” and have come to the conclusion that you two are having too much fun and should return to MI..

        Hi Katie and Jessica. Don’t think I have met Jessica, or Bird, or Reggie, but Katie long enough to be called Uncle Dave. And of course we even go back to our friends, Louise and Jim’s father.
        So, Jessica, if you wish, I would be honored to be your uncle too And speaking of Louise, very appropriate for your (now) beautiful yacht. I know that the basics of the Cal can be beautiful, and by the looks of before and after, you two with Jim and all your friends have made it into a
        a splended vessel.

        Who ever of you two is doing the diary, and the videos, both are doing an outstanding job. And the stills also. Janet mentioned that when you return, a book may be published, and every rag type sailor will want to buy.a copy I’m sure.

        I didn’t get started sailing until I was 12, In a 1 sail dingy. But as you know it’s not the size of a boat that makes a sailor, it’s desire to be on water and learn something new every day with different sized sailboats, and talking with other sailors, and getting stuck (grounded) now and then, and learning how to get ungrounded, etc, etc..

        What an experience to do what you are doing. A once in a lifetime experience and many of your
        friends including Jane, Rachel and I do definitely envy.

        And Jessica I’m so sorry ;that you had to feed the fish at one time in your voyage, and let it be the
        last time! I know what that’s like …first hand. Don’t know about you, but I thought I was about to turn inside out.

        When you get to Alabama and step the mast and venture into the Gulf, seems like I remember something about when Jim and his friend “sailed” down and into the Gulf they had made a comment that they were surprised that the water was not as deep[ as it was. Plenty of water to sail, but not being really deep the rollers were something to contend with. Has Jim talked with you about this, or am I dreaming again?

        So, may the winds always be from your back, and pay out the sheet when you jibe, some folks just let ‘er go and sometimes the mast comes apart (breaks). And when you are becalmed, a good sailors will whistle for the wind…it really works!

        So continue to have too much fun, and continue the pictures, the videos and the diary. Have a wonderful sail in the Golf, and I’ll be back again someday.

        Your Uncle Dave

  5. I love reading about your adventure..what a great experience… I was wondering……as much as I care about dogs..I love cats more..please write more about Bird and show pictures. Your blog just makes me smile. I sure hope Katie can see through all of this…pun intended.

  6. Had a great day at Klub Cay today with you guys Katie and Jessie , need an email address to send the pictures I took of you guys. Wish you the best, Thanks

  7. Hi Katie and Jesse, and the rest of the crew. Thanks for the email, Randy tells me that y
    ou; 4 have made it to Burmuda, and the next leg is The Bahamas. I so envy you in your once in a lifetime voyage. Happy sailing, and as one of your responders said “May the skies always be blue” , and I will add….and may the winds always be your friend. Uncle Dave

  8. Hi Katie and Jesse. I was just turned on to your blog by someone in the Women Who Sail group on Facebook. I’m a fellow Michigander, and my husband and I just left out of Muskegon last August on our 34 Sabre Targa. Look forward to following your adventures when the internet connection is good. Who knows, maybe I’ll even run into you at the MYC for the Wednesday night JAM when I’ll be back there in a few weeks. Fair winds!

  9. Hey kids, we just got back from Burning Man and heard that one of you two moved to Colorado. So what is up? We would love to have a cocktail or two or three. If you are ever in the Denver area give us a call 303 989 8442 or email mrmarvin123@ comcast. net.
    We are getting ready to head to the BVI in November. Fille de Joie lives.
    Tom & Deb Becker

  10. Your adventures are amazing!! I’m originally from Toledo area of Ohio so it’s awesome to see some Mid-Western-ers sailing around the Caribbean. My boyfriend, Zach, and I just started a blog for our travels and our first major trip is to Bimini! We will be volunteering at the Bimini Biological Field Station for 3 months at starting January. If you all are making another trip down there during that time and would like to learn how to spear fish or long-line for sharks, let us know. We’ll have to keep an eye out for MJ as well! If you’re interested in seeing our adventures our link is http://www.in2thedepths.wordpress.com


    1. hello! That is so great. Im excited to check out your blog… for I always appreciate fellow bloggers. There is a very good chance of us crossing over to Bimini in February, if we do so, we will come find you! Looking forward to it! You cant miss MJ, you will cross paths.

  11. Hi K & J, Love your blog. We live in Stuart, Fl. Lived on our boat for 12 yrs and have done the ICW from Fl to Boston several times. Best sailing buddie is our daughter (Jessie). If we can give you a lift to West Marine or the grocery store on your loop north , we’d love to be of assistance. Great sheltered anchorage in Manatee Pocket close to the ICW just to the left in the St Lucie River. Several restaurants, marinas and bars all with dinghy docks. Good Luck and keep us all posted.

  12. Hi K & J, Love your blog. We are former live-aboards (12 yrs with half a dozen trips from Fl-Boston area and back) and can identify with many of your experiences and predicaments. Our best sailing buddie was our daughter (Jessie) until she grew up and moved away. If we can offer a lift to West Marine or the grocery store etc. we’d be glad to be of assistance. There’s a great weather proof anchorage in Manatee Pocket (Stuart Fl area near St. Lucie River inlet) very close the ICW going north on the loop. Several restaurants, marinas, bars etc, all with dinghy docks. Keep up the blog and holler if you need friends in Stuart.
    Bob & Cynthia Bean

  13. Hi guys,
    just wanted to leve a small greeting from Stellenbosch, South Africa. Been following your blog since day one and I simply LOVE IT! Cant wait for this bachelors to come to an end so I can embark on an adventure myself! But in the meantime, thanks for sharing yours, and keep enjoying life the way you do!! All the best, Victoria

  14. Met your uncle at Torresen today. We love our Cal 2-27, too. Arcturus is her name, at Tower Marine in Douglas

  15. I’m so jealous!!! I will travel vicariously with you two. Sitting by a frozen Torch Lake (Northern MI)
    wishing I were south….have big fun!

  16. Jessie – Sorry my dad and I called you Katie this evening. We had a 50-50 shot from looking at the card you gave us haha it was so nice meeting you! Hope you enjoy Southport. Save travels!

  17. Absolute awesome-sauce. I’ll be following. Thanks for pointing me here Katie (via facebook). Keep doin’ it!

  18. It was great to meet you guys! Sorry you couldn’t have stayed longer (Lock 26, Trent Severn Waterway, Lakefield, Ontario)! I wish you safe travels and look forward to reading more! 🙂

  19. Katie and Jessica…We hope your Voyage is going as planned….We met you at Lovesick Lock on the Trent Severn. My son was the little flirt(Kolby)…lol. Loved Loved hearing all your wonderful stories…I really do feel you are both such an inspiration to all the young girls out there, including my daughter ( Breann)….Look forward to reading about the rest of your journey!
    The Vanwesten family…..

    1. Hey, Nice Hearing From you Guys, How’s Reggie (dog) doing? Hope you guys are doing good, can’t wait to meet you all again

      Sent from my iPhone


  20. Just read the piece in Cruising Outpost and also an article in the Traverse City paper. Looks like you are done with the trip. Congrats, it was fun reading your blogs and also to meet you at Snook Bight Marina where we were dock mates. What now?? Keep up the blog. Wendy and Howard Keys

  21. while down in Tortola, we took a day sail on one of the catamarans. it was crewed by a younger guy and girl. you might consider checking into working on (day sails/ week charters) boats down in the virgin islands, it may be a way to keep the dream going, or at least beat michigan winters. here’s a link to living on the british isles, http://bvinewbie.com/

  22. I really love your entertaining stories girls. I run a boat charter agency here in Sydney Australia http://www.anyboat.com.au . If you ever get the chance to come down to this part of the world drop me a line and I will take you out to experience sailing on Sydney Harbour or even to go island hopping up in the Whitsunday’s.

  23. If there’s a chance on gods blue earth, I’d buy you guys a drink to inspire me to do the same thing! I’m in Houghton, mi now but bars are vast throughout the state! 🙂



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