Rewind through the good, the bad, and the ugly – Katie and Jessie sail America’s Great Loop.

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sean moss-10 sean moss-15 7 mile 7 mile-3 7 mile-7   danger-34  Coast-22 Coast-35 Tara-20 Tara-22  Tara-29 Tara-40  Tara-51 Tara-69 Tara-79   storm-14 storm-23  storm-17 storm-13 storm-52

Jessie Zevalkink, Bonish Photography, Savannah, Reggie

Oriental-7 Oriental-9 southport-17 life-4 life-7 life-8 life-6  dismal swamp-18 dismal swamp-22 city-8 city-18  city-51 hotmess-3  hotmess-6 hotmess-11 Hudson Hop O Nose-9  Locks-6 Locks-8 Locks-10 Locks-14 Locks-16 Locks-22 Locks-25 Locks-30 glacier holes-17 Trent-Sev-6 Trent-Sev-10 Trent-Sev-16 Sparky & JoJo-25 Trent-Sev-35 Big Chute-5 Big Chute-7 DSC03890 big chute Sparky & JoJo-16 Sparky & JoJo-20 Sparky & JoJo-23 Sparky & JoJo-29 Lake Georgie-2 Lake Georgie-7 Lake Georgie-15 Lake Georgie-14 Lake Georgie-20 Lake Georgie-19 Lake Georgie-26  Topaz-18 Topaz-19 Topaz-21 Topaz-22 Topaz-30 Topaz-39 Topaz-47 Killarney-23 Killarney-20 Killarney-19 Benjamins-4 Benjamins-17 Benjamins-26  Benjamins-32 Fox-4 Fox-12 Fox-13

crossing over-8quarterchub-7shark-10shark-7sharkquarterchub-32quarterchub-28quarterchub-21quarterchub-12quarterchub-8  quarterchub-3quarterchubsecret spot cat cay-29secret spot cat cay-30secret spot cat cay-27secret spot cat cay-28secret spot cat cay-23secret spot cat cay-19DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROsecret spot cat cay-12

 Compass-10 Compass-8 Compass-7 Warderick B&W-13  Warderick B&W-9  Warderick B&W-4   Lord of the Flies-61 Lord of the Flies-54 Lord of the Flies-51 Lord of the Flies-52 Lord of the Flies-50 Lord of the Flies-47 Lord of the Flies-43 Lord of the Flies-44 Lord of the Flies-39 Lord of the Flies-34 Lord of the Flies-33 Lord of the Flies-30 Lord of the Flies-23 Lord of the Flies-19 Lord of the Flies-18 Lord of the Flies-15 Lord of the Flies-12 Lord of the Flies-13 Lord of the Flies-10 Lord of the Flies-9 Lord of the Flies-5 Lord of the Flies-3

cockpit-7 cockpit-8 cockpit-4 cockpit-3 cockpit   Black Pointe-29    Black Pointe-15 Black Pointe-16 Black Pointe-8  thunderballs-23    thunderballs-11 thunderballs-10  thunderballs-2 pigs and bombs-12 pigs and bombs-13 pigs and bombs-11 pigs and bombs-10 pigs and bombs-4 Plane ride-26 Plane ride-23  Plane ride-20 Plane ride-17   Plane ride-5

fireworks and rainbows-15 fireworks and rainbows-12 fireworks and rainbows-11    fireworks and rainbows MJ-TUTU-14   MJ-TUTU-3 MJ-TUTU driftwood1 driftwood-12  driftwood-6   Johnny Deppe-32 Johnny Deppe-31 Johnny Deppe-29 Johnny Deppe-28 Johnny Deppe-27 Johnny Deppe-25  Johnny Deppe-22    Johnny Deppe-17   Johnny Deppe-12 Johnny Deppe-11  Johnny Deppe-3 Johnny Deppe

crossing over-3 alicetown-20 alicetown-12 alicetown-11 alicetown-10 alicetown-7      coconut grove-35

crossing over-14 crossing over-21 crossing over-20 crossing over-30              o.w.w-38 o.w.w-39

   o.w.w-16  o.w.w-21


                                    knives-3 knives-4 journal bw  IMG_4727 IMG_4723 IMG_4713IMG_4733   IMG_5057  IMG_5411 IMG_5575  christen 2  IMG_5614 IMG_5617 IMG_5626  IMG_5757                IMG_5864 IMG_5859 IMG_5883   IMG_5951 IMG_5965  IMG_6010 IMG_6024  IMG_2160  IMG_2181   IMG_6007  IMG_2276 IMG_2210 IMG_2218 IMG_2220   IMG_2190   IMG_2555  IMG_2645-2          IMG_2718-2 IMG_2479 IMG_2735-2 IMG_2777-2  IMG_2803-2 IMG_2811-2 IMG_2821-2   IMG_2738-2 IMG_2818-2 IMG_2856-2  IMG_2876-2  IMG_2917-2 IMG_2923-2 IMG_2916-2     IMG_2950-2 \ IMG_2969-2 IMG_2844-2 IMG_3049-2 IMG_2933-2  IMG_3062-2 IMG_3077-2 IMG_3112-2   IMG_3128  IMG_3142       IMG_3280      IMG_3447  IMG_3426 IMG_3436 IMG_3480 IMG_3485  IMG_3520  IMG_3527  IMG_3301 IMG_3306 IMG_3316  IMG_3571  IMG_3566 IMG_3558 IMG_3559 \     cedarkey-crystalriver-8 cedarkey-crystalriver-9  cedarkey-crystalriver-11 cedarkey-crystalriver-14 cedarkey-crystalriver-13 cedarkey-crystalriver-12 cedarkey-crystalriver-15    IMG_2546 FTMEYERS_2012_SMALL-34   blog-edits-12 blog-edits-10 blog-edits-9 blog-edits-8 blog-edits-4     forgotten edits-73 forgotten edits-72 forgotten edits-71 forgotten edits-70 forgotten edits-68 forgotten edits-67 forgotten edits-64 forgotten edits-65 forgotten edits-66  forgotten edits-62    forgotten edits-60   forgotten edits-55  forgotten edits-54      forgotten edits-47 forgotten edits-48 forgotten edits-45 forgotten edits-43  forgotten edits-41  forgotten edits-37 forgotten edits-38  forgotten edits-36 forgotten edits-35 forgotten edits-34  forgotten edits-32 forgotten edits-31   forgotten edits-30  forgotten edits-26  forgotten edits-24 forgotten edits-23  forgotten edits-11 forgotten edits-10 forgotten edits-15 forgotten edits-18 forgotten edits-8 forgotten edits-7   forgotten edits-4

31 thoughts on “Picture book

  1. Your photos are incredible! I just stumbled across your blog today and have loved going through it. You guys are livin’ the dream. What kind of camera do you use/what kind of editing techniques? I love the quality of each and every one.

    1. Hey thank you very much!! I shoot a canon 40D, and use a tokina 11-16 wide angle lens 99% of the time. For editing I use Lightroom 4, and mess around with VSCO presets. Recently made the switch from photoshop, and love it. Hope that helps a little…

  2. Enjoy your blog immensely. I look forward to following in your wake in the not too distant future. MV Let It Be homeport Kenlake Marina Tennessee River mile marker 42.1 LDB.

  3. Hey Katie – it’s Carol Trumbull in GH – let me know if you are going toward St. Simons Island, GA – one of my sons lives there now – not on the ocean but on the island – hugs

  4. Hi,

    Nice pics. Love the posts.

    Just curious. Do you take any special precautions concerning keeping your camera dry? Silica Gel? Ammo box (or other waterproof box)?

    If you use silica gel, do you have a way to dry it when you are cruising?



    1. Alan… I wish I had a better answer for you than No. I am just careful – kind of. My camera had been through hell and back and is still properly functioning. I do not have a waterproof housing or anything like that, just try my best to keep er clear and dry !!

      1. That’s what I wanted to know. You’re ‘kinda careful’ and don’t have many, if any problems.

  5. Hi Katie and Jessie–stumbled upon your blog and am wondering if you have an email address I could reach you at.. Looking into doing something similar and wanted to pick your brains. So inspired by your journey.

  6. Awesome pictures of you two awesome girls and an incredible journey!
    Had a big smile reading your stories. Keep on going !!

    Greetz, Steve, Holland.

  7. Love your photography especially the low depth of field cameras. Came across your blog while trying to find my cousin David’s blog. Looking to buy a boat to live on in Morro Bay, CA. Then take it out for some adventures during the wedding off season.

  8. You two are truly inspirational… thank you for sharing your photos and tales of the journey for those of us that plan to make this trek in the future. peas and hominy in all yo gritz…

  9. it was just a great adventure, but now there is a problem:
    I also want to do the same !!!!!

  10. I have readen just now on an italian sailing net-magazine about your strange and wonderful circumnavigation, just clicked on your site and trough your amazing photos I found a complete, another way of sailing, it remind me “into the wild” movie by the point of view of a boat ! A quando una circumnavigazione della penisola Italiana? When you’ll get a circumnavigation of the Italian peninsula? with love 🙂

  11. thank you too for the answer katie and jessie:)
    You can rent a boat or buy a 7mt. used boat here in nort italy or close in south france, get some modifications and after you finish trip put on sale
    Have a nice day !

  12. Awesome photos. I just heard Jessie on the Sail Loot podcast and it sounded like a great adventure. Best of luck on your Atlantic crossing.

  13. This is awesome you guys!!!!! I bought a 27 ft catalina sailboat recently and have done a few big treks and many of your photos remind me of what I’ve done (bucket showers and lots and lots of books!) Keep up the amazing adventures and inspiring more women to get into sailing and adventure!!!!

  14. Living on the west coast as a power boater, wonderful pictures really tell your story! Makes me want to charter another sailboat adventure! Cat and dog are priceless! Keep on truckin!

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